Magnolia Films | Release Date: December 2, 2011
Summary: Several subsidiary bosses gather at a lavish lunch with “Mr. Chairman,” the head of the ruling Sanno-kai crime organization which controls the Greater Tokyo area. Sannokai underboss Kato warns Ikemoto about his overt dealings with family outsider Murase, an old-timer with whom he recently made a pact in prison. In an effort to ease Mr. Chairman’s suspicions, Ikemoto asks fellow boss Otomo to do his dirty work for him by making a minor but obvious move against Murase. Otomo’s actions are the start of a ruthless series of conflicts and betrayals. Before long, several yakuza clans are out for blood in their constant battle for power and money. The rival bosses fight to rise through the ranks by scheming and making short-lived allegiances. In this corrupt world where there are no heroes, it’s Bad Guy vs. Bad Guy in a spiraling outrage of gang warfare. (Magnolia Pictures)
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Runtime: 109 min
Rating: Rated R for violence, language and brief sexuality
Official Site: http://www.magnetreleasing.com/outrage/
Production: Bandai Visual Company
Genres: Drama, Crime
Country: Japan
Languages: English, Japanese
Home Release Date: Jan 31, 2012