Koch Lorber Films | Release Date: May 26, 2004
Summary: Lars von Trier has a bizarre way of showing his regard for mentor Jørgen Leth whose 1967 short film The Perfect Human, he claims to have seen 20 times. Von Trier challenges Leth to remake the film following an increasingly difficult set of obstructions.


Runtime: 90 min
Rating: Unrated
Official Site: http://www.films-sans-frontieres.fr/5obstructions/
Production: Almaz Film Productions S.A.
Genres: Documentary
Countries: France, Denmark, Belgium, Switzerland
Languages: English, French, Spanish, Danish
Home Release Date: Oct 5, 2004
Director Credit
Jørgen Leth Director
Lars von Trier Director
Writer Credit
Asger Leth Writer
Jørgen Leth Writer
Lars von Trier Writer
Sophie Destin Writer
Cast Credit
Alexandra Vandernoot The Perfect Woman (Segment "The Perfect Human: Brunelles Brussels")
Anders Hove Naked Man, From "Notater Om Kærligheden" 1989 Featured In Segment "Obstruction #4 - The Perfect Human: Cartoon"
Bent Christensen Gangster From "Det Gode Og Det Onde" 1975 Featured In Segment "Obstruction #4 - The Perfect Human: Cartoon"
Charlotte Sieling Naked Woman - From "Notater Om Kærligheden" 1989 Featured In Segment "Obstruction #4 - The Perfect Human: Cartoon"
Claus Nissen The Perfect Man - From 'Det Perfekte Menneske' 1967
Daniel Hernandez Rodriguez The Perfect Man (Segment "Obstruction #1 - The Perfect Human: Cuba")
Jacqueline Arenal The Perfect Woman (Segment "Obstruction #1 - The Perfect Human: Cuba")
Jan Nowicki Man With Jacket (From "Notater Om Kærligheden" 1989) ( Segment "Obstruction #4 - The Perfect Human
Jørgen Leth Voice-Over (From "Det Perfekte Menneske" 1967)/Himself - Director (Segments "The Conversations")/Voice-Over (Segment "The Perfect Human: Cuba," Segment "The Per
Lars von Trier Himself - Obstructor (Segments "The Conversations")/Lars Von Trier (Segment "Obstruction #5 - The Perfect Human: Avedøre, Denmark")
Majken Algren Nielsen The Perfect Woman, From 'Det Perfekte Menneske' 1967)
Marie Dejaer Maid (Segment "The Perfect Human: Brunelles Brussels")
Meschell Perez Couple (Woman) (Segment "The Perfect Human: BrunellesBrussels")
Pascal Perez Couple (Man) (Segment "The Perfect Human: Brunelles Brussels")
Patrick Bauchau The Perfect Man/Voice-Over (Segment "The Perfect Human: Brunelles Brussels")/Speaker (Segment "Obstruction #4 - The Perfect Human: Cartoon")
Vivian Rosa Cast
Producer Credit
Anders Jacobsen Assistant Line Producer
Carsten Holst Producer
Gerald Morin Co-Executive Producer
Marc-Henri Wajnberg Delegate Producer
Marianne Christensen Line Producer
Nicole Mora Co-Executive Producer
Peter Aalbæk Jensen Executive Producer
Signe Birket-Smith Assistant Producer
Vibeke Windeløv Executive Producer