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Now Playing: Vertigo
Paramount Pictures | Release Date: May 28, 1958 | PG
Movie Facts:
  • Contrary to legend, the first newspaper reviews of Vertigo were very good. It was the serious magazine reviews in "Time," "Newsweek" and "The New Yorker" that dismissed the movie. (Chicago Tribune)
  • Vertigo's mesmerizing title sequence is by Saul Bass--who later did the storyboards for the shower scene in "Psycho." (Chicago Tribune)
  • Vertigo received only two 1958 Oscar nominations, for art direction and sound. (Chicago Tribune)
Summary: Vertigo creates a dizzying web of mistaken identity, passion and murder after an acrophobic detective rescues a mysterious blonde from the bay. [Universal Pictures]
Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Genre(s): Mystery, Thriller, Romance
Rating: PG
Runtime: 128 min
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