Aubrey Plaza Gets Involved in a Credit Card Con in 'Emily the Criminal' Trailer

Watch a trailer for 'Emily the Criminal,' starring Aubrey Plaza, ahead of its August release.
by Danielle Turchiano — 

Aubrey Plaza in 'Emily the Criminal'

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Aubrey Plaza's Emily the Criminal already debuted at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival and earned a Metascore of 75 from critics who had the chance to see it before its wide release, but now that wider audience can get a glimpse at the film in a trailer ahead of the movie's Aug. 12 theater release.

In the film, Plaza plays the titular Emily, a woman who is saddled with student debt and unable to get a job because she has a minor criminal record. Since she is desperate for income, she becomes a "dummy shopper," which basically means she buys items with stolen credit cards, working for Youcef (Theo Rossi).

"You won't be in danger, but you will be breaking the law," Youcef tells Emily in the trailer, which you can watch below.

But after she takes one of these quick-cash gigs, she soon finds she wants to take more of them. She is sick of dead-end job interviews and surprisingly thrilled by the secrecy and potential danger involved in her new line of work, as well as increasingly intrigued by Youcef himself.

It doesn't take long for the duo to try to take their business to the next level, though whether that ends well remains to be seen when the film opens. Although, the trailer hints that it might not as a thug with a knife holds Emily down on the ground and asks if he is scared of her and the LAPD also comes battering down doors. Still, she is not deterred, as she finds a new sense of self-worth in what she is doing.

"People just keep taking from you until you make the god damn rules yourself," Emily says.

John Patton Ford writes and directs the film which also stars Megalyn Echikunwoke and Gina Gershon.