Adam Devine Performs '99 Luftballoons' in 'Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin' Teaser

Bumper's music is big in Germany, who wouldn't guessed?
by Danielle Turchiano — 

From left to right: Flula Borg, Sarah Hyland, and Adam Devine in 'Bumper in Berlin'


If you were one the Pitch Perfect fans who fell in love with the a cappella comedy 10 years ago but thought, "Needs more Bumper," Peacock has you covered. Adam Devine reprises his fan-favorite role for a Bumper-centric series aptly titled Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin, and to celebrate, he's delivering an exponential amount of Bumper.

In a just-released teaser for the series, which you can watch below, Bumper records himself singing all of the lyrics and doing all of the vocal percussion of "99 Luftballons." He teases that you may see a familiar face or seven in the clip, but that's just multiple versions of his own face. None of the other cast members have been given such first-look treatment. Yet.

Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin premieres Nov. 23, following Bumper Allen who moves to Germany after one of his songs becomes popular in the capital city. There, he tries to revive his music career. The show also stars Flula Borg, Sarah Hyland, Lera Abova, and Jameela Jamil.

"The other producers and I decided we wanted to expand the world of Pitch Perfect into something recognizable yet unique. We wanted to keep what made the movies special but create a new world that felt completely original. To take the elements of the movies we know and love — the humor, the camaraderie, and the music — and make it something sweet and absurd. Two beloved characters from the movies are joined by a whole new cast of characters who hopefully inject a freshness and absurdity to the franchise the world already adores," showrunner Megan Amram previewed in a statement.

The other executive producers she referenced are Elizabeth Banks and Max Handelman of Brownstone Productions, Paul Brooks and Scott Neimeyer of Gold Circle Films, Devine, Todd Strauss-Schulson, and Richie Keen. The show is produced by Universal Television.

While Bumper in Berlin does not yet have a Metascore, the Pitch Perfect film trilogy's Metascores are as follows: Pitch Perfect has a 66, Pitch Perfect 2 has a 63, and Pitch Perfect 3 has a 40.

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