Andrew Koenig

Biography: Actor Andrew Koenig began his on-screen career in the 1980s when he took on the recurring role of Boner on the popular sitcom Growing Pains. He would stick with the series from 1985 to 1989, during which time he also made appearances on shows like My Two Dads and My Sister Sam. The child of actors Walter Koenig and Judy Levitt, Koenig maintained a career in showbusiness over the years that followed, though he eventually moved his skills to behind the camera. He began by writing, directing, and even editing the short films Good Boy! in 2003 and Woman in a Green Dress in 2004. This led to a career as an editor that would span the next several years. Koenig would edit films like Gonzo Utopia, The Gnostic, and Keepsake, and never retired from acting completely, appearing in 2006's The Theory of Everything and 2010's InAlienable before his life was tragically cut short later that same year, discovered to have committed suicide following reported issues with depression. He was 36 years old.

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tbd Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Season 2 Sep 26, 1993 Tumak 8.0
tbd Growing Pains: Season 4 Oct 19, 1988 Richard "Boner" Stabone / Boner tbd
tbd Growing Pains: Season 3 Sep 18, 1987 Richard "Boner" Stabone / Boner tbd
tbd Growing Pains: Season 2 Sep 30, 1986 Richard "Boner" Stabone / Boner tbd
tbd G.I. Joe (1985): Season 2 Sep 15, 1986 (Various Voices) tbd
tbd Growing Pains: Season 1 Sep 24, 1985 Richard "Boner" Stabone / Boner 8.0
tbd G.I. Joe (1985): Season 1 Sep 12, 1983 (Various Voices) tbd