Bill Gaither

Biography: Bill Gaither is an icon in the history of Christian music. He first began singing with the Bill Gaither Trio, which consisted of Bill, and his brother and sister, Mary Ann and Danny. The group later on had Bill's wife, Gloria, in the Trio once Mary Ann left. After Danny lost his voice, Bill had friends such as Gary McSpadden, and Michael English in the Trio. In 1981, Bill founded the Gaither Vocal Band, which still exists to this day. He and his wife have written over 600 songs, and most of them have become staples in churches everywhere. Many still famous Christian artists got their start by touring with the Gaithers. He and Gloria have three grown children, and still tour with many artists that combine to form "Bill Gaither and the Homecoming Friends," which was made in 1991, when Bill Gaither, and his Vocal Band decided to do some songs with some of Bill's heroes.