Bobby Van

Biography: An excellent song and dance man, Bobby later turned out to be a wonderful and highly loved host of game shows in the 1970s for "Make Me Laugh," "Fun Factory" and "Showoffs" and guested on such game shows as "Mach Game," "Match Game PM" and "Tattle Tales." He also did films after being discovered doing the night club circut, where he sang, danced and told jokes. His dancing is aptly showcased in such films as "Small Town Girl" and "The Affairs of Dobie Gillis." Along with dancing in front of the cameras, Bobby also choreographed a few films. Bobby was married to Diane Garrett in 1952 and together they adopted a baby boy, Peter Gregory, in 1960 but divorced two years later. Bobby took his second wife, Elain Joyce, in 1968 and they remained married until his death in 1980. They had one daughter together, Taylor.