Boris Cabrera

Biography: Boris grew up in Pacoima, California but now lives in Toronto, Ontario. He has black hair and brown eyes, and his height is currently 5'6". His parents are George Arturo and Eugenia Mercedes Cabrera, and he has a brother named Arturo. Cabrera had a german shepard, named Wolfie, but he passed away recently. He has a cherry red '66 Mustang, and his favourite sports are karate and wrestling. Boris' favourite movie is "Scarface" while his favourite actors are Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino. His favourite television show isThe Larry Sanders Show while his favourite singer is Sade, his favourite food is Ribs, his favourite place is Los Angeles, and his favourite colour is Turquoise. His favourite game is Monopoly. Cabrera loves in read the Animorphs books (favourite is #5 "The Predator"), but his favourite book is Ray Bradbury's "All Summer and Day".