Durward Kirby

Biography: Durward Kirby began his career in radio where he met his mentor Garry Moore. Garry Moore would hire Durward as his sidekick for his television program in 1950 and when that show went off the air and Garry went on to another show, Durward would once again be Garry's sidekick. The Garry Moore Show gave Durward a chance to display his vocal talents, his comedic talents and his great rapor with the cast and crew. He would go on to become great friends with Allen Funt, and would become Co-host of Candid Camera. Writing three books titled "My Life, Those Wonderful Years," "Bits and Pieces of This and That" and a children's book called "Dooley Wilson." Durward would also became known as a Rocky and Bullwinkle Show cartoon object named Kirward Derby, the wearer of which would become the smartest man alive.

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tbd Candid Camera: Season 7 Oct 5, 2003 Co-Host/Interviewer/Narrator (1961-'66) tbd
tbd Candid Camera: Season 6 Jan 22, 2002 Co-Host/Interviewer/Narrator (1961-'66) tbd
tbd The Mike Douglas Show: Season 8 Sep 9, 1968 Himself/Host tbd