Harvey Parry

Biography: Over his 60-year career, American stunt man Harvey Parry appeared in close to 600 films. He got his start playing a Keystone Kop for Mack Sennett and over the years played stunt doubles for some of Hollywood's brightest stars including James Cagney, for whom he doubled most often, Bogart, Peter Lorre, and once, Shirley Temple. Though not generally known until long after famed silent comedian Harold Lloyd's death, Parry also doubled for Lloyd in the action sequences of Feet First (1930) on the long shots. During the '70s through the early '80s, Parry did stunt and character work (specializing as a stumbling drunk) on several television series including The Fall Guy.

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tbd The Lucy Show: Season 5 Sep 12, 1966 Harry tbd
tbd F Troop: Season 1 Sep 14, 1965 Charley tbd
tbd Baretta: Season 3 Jan 17, 1975 Harrigan / Harrigan / Harvey tbd
tbd Baretta: Season 4 Jan 17, 1975 Harrigan tbd