Heather Shrake

Biography: Heather Shrake
I was born to be different,
It's with my differences I'll come to be,
I live for my becoming intuition,
I live to die remaining an influence,
I treat life as an experiance,
An experiance to create life,
I treat joy as I do pain,
And pain to create and an art,
It's our likenesses in art,
That our differences will come to be,
So don't hate me for my beauty,
Or love me for my desire,
But take what words I speak in depth,
And the emotions left shall inspire,
It's with inspiration I can appreciate lifes many scars,
So if you see me alone-this night and I cry,
Know I am okay-for I taught my soul to never die!

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tbd Wickedly Perfect: Season 1 Jan 6, 2005 Perfectionist - Crafty Beavers - 5th Place tbd