Herschel Bernardi

Biography: A tall, balding, Jewish-American character actor with a prominent nose and bushy mustache, Bernard debuted onscreen at age 13 in the Yiddish film Green Fields (1937). He went on to do much stage and screen work, alternately as heavies and good guys; he often played cops and gangsters. Bernard is best known for his work on Broadway in productions such as Fiddler on the Roof and The Man of La Mancha. He has also appeared on TV in regular roles on the Peter Gunn and Arnie series, as well as supplying the voice for numerous cartoon characters including the Jolly Green Giant and Charlie the Tuna.

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Title: Year: Credit: User score:
tbd Highway to Heaven: Season 2 Sep 18, 1985 Everett Soloman tbd
tbd Murder, She Wrote: Season 1 Sep 30, 1984 Lt. Mendelsohn 8.8
tbd Route 66: Season 4 Sep 27, 1963 Gerald War tbd
tbd The Untouchables: Season 4 Sep 25, 1962 Benno tbd
tbd The Flintstones: Season 3 Sep 14, 1962 Agent tbd
tbd The Untouchables: Season 3 Oct 12, 1961 Julie tbd
tbd Bonanza: Season 3 Sep 24, 1961 Clarence Bolling tbd
tbd Route 66: Season 2 Sep 22, 1961 Dr. Arthur Reisman tbd
tbd The Flintstones: Season 2 Sep 15, 1961 Doctor No. 1 / Silky / Store Detective tbd