Irulan Wilson

Biography: Born to a white mother and a black father, Irulan was loved deeply and unconditionally by both parents, and recalls an idyllic early childhood. When she was six, her father became very ill, dying one year later. Irulan and her mother leaned on one another as they struggled to process her father's death. As a result, their relationship deepened into what her friends describe as an extraordinary bond. With a premium placed on her beauty, Irulan struggled briefly with body-image issues during her high school years, which she overcame through sheer force of will. While people may be initially attracted to Irulan's beauty and talent, they soon discover that she is strong and not afraid of conflict.

-Courtesy of MTV

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tbd The Real World / Road Rules Challenge: Season 7 Sep 22, 2003 (rw12) The Gauntlet tbd
tbd The Real World: Season 12 Sep 10, 2002 Season 12 - Las Vegas tbd
tbd The Real World: Season 11 Jan 8, 2002 Season 12 - Las Vegas tbd