Laurence Naismith

Biography: Naimith is best known in movies for supporting roles as well-spoken Englishmen, often from respectable medical or seafaring backgrounds. He p;ayed s dteamboat captain in Mogambo, Dr Hawkins in Boy on a Dolphin, the heroic Captain Smith who goes down with his ship in The Tatanic in A Night to Remember and the First Sea Lord in Sink the Bimark! Naismith was a merchant seaman before he turned to acting. He made his stage debut in 1927 and later formed his own company. During World War II he served in the Royal Artillery; he then returned to the theatre,breaking into movies in 1947.

Biography information on Laurence Naismith was taken from Who's Who of the Cinema Copyright 1983. Some more information on Laurence Naimith. (real name Lawrence Johnson) British charator actor who portrayed Sir Donald Munger, the diamond boker in Diamonds Are Forever. (1971)

This other information on him was taken from The Complete James Bond Encyclopedia (c) 1990