Marcel Dalio

Biography: A pint-sized comic and dramatic actor, Dalio was born in Paris to Rumanian immigrants; he began appearing in French films in 1933 and became well-known in France after his appearances in Duvivier's Pepe le Moko and Renoir's La Grande Illusion (both 1937). Forced to flee from the Nazis (he was Jewish), he settled in Hollywood in 1941, appearing in his first American film the same year; he remained in the States until war's end, playing many secondary roles in which he usually was cast as a comical foreigner. Movie buffs will remember him as Bogart's croupier in Casablanca (1943). Returning to France in 1946, over the next three-plus decades he went on to make a great number of films in America, Britain, and Europe.

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tbd Casablanca (1955): Season 1 Sep 27, 1955 Police Captain Renaud tbd