Nigel Kneale

Biography: The first great scriptwriter of British television, Nigel Kneale began working for the BBC at the beginning of the 1950s after winning a prize for his first book, a collection of short stories called "Tomato Cain". The huge success of his various science-fiction serials about Professor Quatermass should not make anyone overlook his many other distinguished scripts for television, such as his 1954 adaptation of George Orwell's "1984", which caused a nationwide sensation, or such later works as "The Road" and "The Year Of The Sex Olympics". He also wrote many film scripts, including the 1959 movie version of John Osborne's "Look Back In Anger" and the 1964 film of H.G. Wells's "The First Men In The Moon". He was married to the famous children's writer Judith Kerr.