Olivia White

Biography: Olivia, along with her twin sister Ava, is part of the youngest set of twins to be offered a contract for a daytime soap opera. After nine months in the recurring role of Claire Kiriakis on Days of our Lives, Ava and Olivia were upped to contract status in October of 2006 at only sixteen months of age. In addition to her twin sister, Olivia also has two older siblings: Alexis, who is six years older, and Jacob, who is four years older.

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tbd Days of our Lives: Season 42 Nov 9, 2006 Claire Kiriakis / Claire Kiriakis (2006-) tbd
tbd Days of our Lives: Season 1 Nov 8, 1965 Claire Brady tbd
tbd Days of our Lives: Season 43 Nov 30, -0001 Claire Brady tbd