Paul Dubov

Biography: Actor/writer Paul Dubov did his first film work as a Universal contract player in 1942. Never a leading man, Dubov was the quintessential utility player, able to convey characters of virtually any age or ethnic range. He played sizeable roles in such modestly budgeted sci-fiers as The She Creature (1956), Atomic Submarine (1959) and The Underwater City (1960). In the early 1960s, he was given his first screenwriting opportunities through the auspices of Four Star Productions, headed by Dick Powell. With his wife Gwen Bagni, Dubov created and developed the Four Star TV series Honey West (1965), starring Anne Francis as a gadget-happy private eye. Paul Dubov's final screenplay credit, again in collaboration with Gwen Bagni, was the 1979 TV miniseries Backstairs at the White House.

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Title: Year: Credit: User score:
tbd Eight is Enough: Season 1 Mar 15, 1977 Writer tbd
tbd Wonder Woman: Season 1 Nov 7, 1975 Writer 8.0
tbd The Brady Bunch: Season 2 Sep 25, 1970 Writer tbd
tbd The Mod Squad: Season 3 Sep 22, 1970 Writer tbd
tbd My Three Sons: Season 10 Oct 4, 1969 Writer tbd
tbd The Mod Squad: Season 2 Sep 23, 1969 Writer tbd
tbd The Mod Squad: Season 1 Sep 24, 1968 Writer tbd
tbd Perry Mason: Season 8 Sep 24, 1964 M. Arnaux tbd
tbd Make Room for Daddy: Season 10 Oct 1, 1962 Felix tbd
tbd The Untouchables: Season 3 Oct 12, 1961 Charlie Banion / Urcel / Weisbaden tbd
tbd Bonanza: Season 3 Sep 24, 1961 Skidmore tbd
tbd Bonanza: Season 2 Sep 10, 1960 Dealer tbd
tbd Zorro: Season 2 Oct 1, 1958 Paul Dubov tbd
tbd Gunsmoke: Season 2 Sep 8, 1956 Pritchard tbd
tbd I Love Lucy: Season 2 Sep 15, 1952 Jerry tbd
tbd Dangerous Assignment: Season 1 Apr 25, 1951 Castrilli / Franz / Marek / Sieta tbd