Shannon Chandler

Biography: Shannon was born on September 12, 1986 and raised in Southern California's San Fernando Valley. She wanted to be an actress ever since she was very little. When she was around seven years old, her mother decided to let her give acting a try. Shannon started out in several theather productions before landing a starring role in the childrens tv series "Big Bad BeetleBorgs." She was nominated for Hollywood Reporter's Young Star Awards in the category for Best Young Actress in a Saturday Morning Program for her role as Jo McCormick. The awards were held on May 4, 1997. After being in many episodes of "Big Bad BeetleBorgs," she starred in the movie "Casper, A Spirited Beginning." To be in this movie, she had to join the Screen Actor's Guild. Since BeetleBorgs is a non-union show, she had to leave it. Then in 2000 Shannon appeared in "You're Invited to Mary-Kate and Ashley's School Dance Party."