Sidney Miller

Biography: Sidney Miller got the acting bug as a teen, appearing in small parts in movies beginning in 1931. Appearing in 1938's Boys Town was his big break. His musical skills came to the front as he wrote much material for nightclub performers and radio in the 1940s. Miller turned to television in the early 50's, often appearing as Donald O'Connor's sidekick. He also branched into TV directing, working on Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse Club. Sid continued acting roles and directing throughout his career, later doing a good bit of voice work for cartoons into the 1990s.

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tbd The Smurfs: Season 7 Sep 19, 1987 Additional Voices tbd
tbd Dungeons & Dragons: Season 3 Sep 14, 1985 Dungeon Master tbd
tbd Dungeons & Dragons: Season 2 Sep 8, 1984 Dungeon Master tbd
tbd Dungeons & Dragons: Season 1 Sep 17, 1983 Dungeon Master 8.3
tbd What's Happening!!: Season 3 Sep 21, 1978 Producer tbd
tbd The Monkees: Season 1 Sep 12, 1966 Director tbd
tbd That Girl: Season 1 Sep 8, 1966 Director tbd
tbd The Addams Family: Season 2 Sep 17, 1965 Director tbd
tbd My Mother the Car: Season 1 Sep 14, 1965 Director tbd
tbd Bewitched: Season 1 Sep 17, 1964 Director 9.0
tbd McHale's Navy: Season 3 Sep 15, 1964 Director tbd
tbd My Favorite Martian: Season 1 Sep 29, 1963 Director tbd
tbd The Real McCoys: Season 6 Sep 30, 1962 Director tbd
tbd Get Smart: Season 3 Sep 18, 1965 Director tbd