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For 84 reviews, this publication has graded:
  • 66% higher than the average critic
  • 10% same as the average critic
  • 24% lower than the average critic
On average, this publication grades 5.6 points higher than other critics. (0-100 point scale)
Average Game review score: 80
Highest review score: 95 Rift
Lowest review score: 24 Sword of the Stars II: Lords of Winter
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 63 out of 84
  2. Negative: 3 out of 84
84 game reviews
    • 66 Metascore
    • 72 Critic Score
    Ultimately, it isn't Tales of Game's Presents Chef Boyardee's Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden, Chapter 1 of the Hoopz Barkley SaGa, but it's a great way to pass a few chunks of time and you'll walk away satisfied.
    • 68 Metascore
    • 68 Critic Score
    What the game has in single match entertainment, it lacks in overall cohesiveness and reasons for playing long term. It clearly has the potential to be much more than what it currently is, but that potential has yet to be reached.
    • 64 Metascore
    • 65 Critic Score
    Defiance is a pretty average game that may only survive the test of time based on the popularity of the TV series.
    • 62 Metascore
    • 52 Critic Score
    Back in Action is a boring game that just doesn't cut it, regardless of whether you're a purist or a new player.
    • 66 Metascore
    • 62 Critic Score
    The biggest problem with King Arthur II is that is tries to do too much, and as a result, just doesn't do any of it truly well.
    • 80 Metascore
    • 73 Critic Score
    Borrowing on the many strengths of Brotherhood, Assassn's Creed: Revelations delivers a fun and memorable experience, but it fails to stand out very well compared to the other games.
    • 66 Metascore
    • 68 Critic Score
    This war is just one that is fought in the past of game design, and as a result, just lacks the punch or feature set that addicts people and keeps us coming back for more.
    • 77 Metascore
    • 61 Critic Score
    Heroes of Might and Magic VI isn't a bad game, per se; it's just that it's too safe.
    • 76 Metascore
    • 70 Critic Score
    A game that has an amazing concept but doesn't fully deliver.
    • 80 Metascore
    • 74 Critic Score
    Dead Island is a wonderful concept and the core gameplay is executed beautifully, but it really doesn't do anything new or interesting.
    • 50 Metascore
    • 67 Critic Score
    It's not that this is a bad game, it's just far too little/late for this point in the market. The setting is wonderful, and there are some cool systems in play here.... it's just marred by yesterday's graphics, too little polish, and some weird design decisions.
    • 54 Metascore
    • 64 Critic Score
    Enough gimmicks to make you want to run through stages as quickly as possible, and a forgettable but fun multiplayer component, Duke Nukem Forever fails to live up to the legacy.
    • 70 Metascore
    • 71 Critic Score
    Brink tries so hard to be the next big thing, but just launched with too little to go around. A poor map selection and mindless grinding to unlock things doom it to being uninstalled by all but the most diehard fans quickly.
    • 70 Metascore
    • 69 Critic Score
    An average shooter with typical gameplay and average graphics.
    • 62 Metascore
    • 65 Critic Score
    Magic: The Gathering – Tactics is a mixed bag. The basic gameplay is extremely fun and well designed. The graphics are vibrant and amusing whilst the sounds add to the game. The interface is well designed and easy to navigate. However, the fact that the game requires a good deal of money or a lot of time grinding to be competitive really hurts the game.
    • 70 Metascore
    • 70 Critic Score
    The adventuring side of the game is really just a distraction and a way to waste time until the next bout of brick-related inspiration hits, and will not offer sufficient content to satisfy the appetites of most gamers. Unless you, too, are a building fanatic – then you're in for a potentially limitless amount of creativity-fueled play time.
    • 81 Metascore
    • 68 Critic Score
    This score will likely come as a shock to many, but this game suffers from pathetic frame rates at times, both on console and on PC.
    • 68 Metascore
    • 68 Critic Score
    PvE and PvP are quick and easy to get into, and quests are readily available at any given point in time. If you can overlook the flaws of progression and pacing, you'll find a respectable online shooter that has zero up-front cost, and also has a polished film noir feel if you choose to progress into the episodic content of BLEEDOUT.

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