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  1. Who done it is only part of the mystery in this engaging six-part true-crime docuseries. [4 - 24 Jul 2022, p.5]
  2. Loot mixes workplace comedy (solid) with the occasional rom-com subplot (less so). [4 - 24 Jul 2022, p.5]
  3. A show to die for. [4 - 24 Jul 2022, p.4]
  4. With danger always lurking, Bridges convinces us that underestimating this well-seasoned spy has deadly consequences, while the terrific Brenneman startles us by refusing to play the damsel in distress. [13 Jun - 3 Jul 2022, p.4]
  5. Becoming Elizabeth is less obsessed with the royal intrigue than with bodice ripping—quite literally at one point—once young Liz’s loins are stirred by the flirtatious attentions of her brother’s rowdy uncle, Thomas Seymour (the charismatic Tom Cullen), who impulsively weds the late king’s lusty and manipulative widow, Catherine Parr (Jessica Raine, chewing the luscious scenery). [13 Jun - 3 Jul 2022, p.5]
  6. [Ben Whishaw] sets a sardonic tone of gallows humor that helps keep the viewer amused amid the appalling barrage of graphic medical crises and frequent heartbreak. ... Rewarding series. [13 Jun - 3 Jul 2022, p.5]
  7. Severance is classic slow-burn TV, lulling you with its hypnotic weirdness before piling on the twists. By the end, I was on the edge of my seat begging for a second season. [14 - 27 Feb 2022, p.7]
  8. Derivative yet eerie existential thriller. [14 - 27 Feb 2022, p.7]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  9. About as fresh as the fourth season of a teen melodrama on The CW, albeit with rougher language. ... Still, it's early days, and whenever Banks pours on Will's charm, one can hope Bel-Air will rediscover some of the original series' sense of fun. [14 - 27 Feb 2022, p.7]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  10. Unfortunately, the series spends nearly as much time with another Anna: Anna Chlumsky, in an overwrought performance as the journalist desperate to tell Anna's story. [14 - 27 Feb 2022, p.6]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  11. Unexpectedly exhilarating. ... Lily James and Sebastian Stan are sensational as Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee. [14 - 27 Feb 2022, p.6]
  12. Smart tackles every aspect of Deborah's complicated personality - her vanity, insecurity, sexuality and unquestionable talent - with passion and wit. Einbinder also shines, now written less a pretentious foil than as a willing apprentice whose dues-paying verges on the slapstick. [23 May - 12 Jun 2022, p.6]
  13. The good news: Harry hasn't lost his edge, even if this spinoff sometimes stalls momentum by juggling a few too many storylines. [23 May - 12 Jun 2022, p.7]
  14. With international conspiracies and brainwashing adding to the intrigue, this File's a keeper. [23 May - 12 Jun 2022, p.7]
  15. It suffers from overlength. [9 - 22 May 2022, p.5]
  16. A thrilling concoction of pitch black humor and nail-biting suspense. [9 - 22 May 2022, p.5]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  17. As melodrama it's enjoyable, though ultimately a too-predictable escapade in the ongoing fight between good and evil. [9 - 22 May 2022, p.4]
  18. A taut and tawdry three-part docudrama. [25 Apr - 8 May 2022, p.5]
  19. What's missing in this Anatomy lesson is its soul. [25 Apr - 8 May 2022, p.5]
  20. The First lady is like a trio of fascinating biopics in one. [25 Apr - 8 May 2022, p.4]
  21. Lancashire captures all of Julia's larger-than-life qualities. ... Julia feeds the soul to the brim. [11 - 24 Apr 2022, p.6]
  22. A dramatic dead end of heavy-handed storytelling, 61st Street loads the deck so obviously that its best intentions and first-rate cast barely stand a chance. [11 - 24 Apr 2022, p.7]
  23. The opening chapters are thrilling fun as Steven's hysteria mounts upon waking from blackouts and mayhem. When the fantastical intrigue shifts from London to Egypt, the exhilarating actions scenes have a rollickingly slapstick Indiana Jones-like quality. [11 - 24 Apr 2022, p.7]
  24. Slow Horses shifts into high gear with grisly twists aplenty. [11 - 24 Apr 2022, p.7]
  25. As if to compensate for the uninspired plotting, the cast overacts shamelessly, turning this homage into a handsome but wearying period cartoon. [28 Mar - 10 Apr 2022, p.7]
  26. Far from a whimsical travelogue, this season of Atlanta has an off-kilter vibe that rattles your nerves. [28 Mar - 10 Apr 2022, p.7]
  27. Even at its most over-the-top, the show can be fun to watch, though it often feels like biting into fluffy cotton candy only to come away with a mouth full of cloying marzipan. [28 Mar - 10 Apr 2022, p.7]
  28. Pachinko is a sprawling, moving saga of parental sacrifice, feminine resilience and cultural identity threatened by an oppressive regime. It's also one of the few streaming series I wished was longer than eight episodes. [28 Mar - 10 Apr 2022, p.6]
  29. The time-shifts also dilute whatever suspense there is in Andy's ordeal, which becomes increasingly hard to believe or care about as Pieces of Her lurches to its puzzling anticlimactic finish. [14 - 27 Mar 2022, p.7]
  30. Emotionally thrilling. ... Jackson brings every conceivable shading to the role. [14 - 27 Mar 2022, p.7]

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