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8 tv reviews
  1. Lestrade’s cameras pull us farther into the legal system than Law & Order or Court TV ever could, and the result is chilling.
  2. Wincingly funny ... It's the details that make the show so funny, not to mention the awesome veracity of the acting.
  3. It works the cringe comedy formula reasonably well.
  4. A transparent, if lame, vehicle for Freddie Prinze Jr.
  5. Hopefully this overkill of plot twists is just series finale syndrome in reverse--an opening-episode gambit to snag viewers--and the show will settle down to work on its more subtle elements.
  6. Julia Louis-Dreyfus has finally slain the Seinfeld curse.
  7. Big Love... is in no hurry to unfurl its plotlines or push its charms. Give it a couple of episodes, though, and you'll be snared.
  8. Black.White takes the reality subgenre to a whole new level, shining a beacon on American's most excruciating blind spot.
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  9. Everything about Free Ride is slightly exaggerated and artificial, including the odd facial expressions.
  10. Annette Bening is stunning in this smart biopic.
  11. Another failed attempt to use rock as the backdrop for an insipid sitcom.
  12. It yearns to be an HBO-worthy drama that reckons with heady moral issues, but it can't resist the temptation of prime-time gloss and melodrama.
  13. Sleeper Cell moves way too slowly to get anyone's pulse racing—except maybe the Arab American community, which will almost certainly protest, despite the writers' awkward attempts to give equal screen time to "good" and "bad" Muslims.
  14. Stacked feels like a '70s sitcom accidentally pulled out of some network's dusty vault. Its jiggle factor may be high, but the laugh levels are way too low.
  15. This spectacular six-part adaptation of the lit classic feels more like a plush Jane Austen tale than Dickens.
  16. It's not clear yet how well the show will balance the fertility doctor's high jinks with patient scenarios.
  17. Has a few funny lines.
  18. A template of clichés the writers don't even bother to fill in.
  19. Unfortunately, Prison Break's dialogue is nowhere near as sharp as its plotting.
  20. Gervais is a comic genius specializing in the art of discomfort, but this new character doesn't have the same compelling anti-charisma as The Office's David Brent--in part because Andy is such a peripheral figure in his workplace, but also because he's a more subtle creation, a mixed bag of the admirable and reprehensible.
  21. The real disappointment of the new Who isn't its use of (slightly) slick special effects, though. It's a structural problem: Instead of stretching a storyline across a whole season, each adventure is resolved within a single episode, making this closer to your average detective series.
  22. [A] pleasantly distracting drama.

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