NBC | Release Date: April 4, 2013
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BarbaMarcoAug 27, 2020
This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. One of the worst series ever seen, no joke.

Once the first episode starts you may wonder if this show will focus around the Hannibal Lecter character, when he will show up, if he will be evil etc...

Unfortunately the writers took a very stupid approach and it's evident for the audience that Annibal Lecter is exactly who they think he is (and he is an evil murderer) since the end of the very first episode. So the only thing left to show is how the "good ones" will figure it out and catch him. Prepare yourself for a very cringy experience where every character seems to lose his intellectual skill when it comes to speak with Lecter. Where Lecter will survive every time a gun armed policeman will try to stop him, where the main detective will run so painfully slow because the scene requires Lecter to escape despite his injured leg and so on and so forth. If this isn't enough for you there are also other very dumb and akward scenes: - A guy impregnating his sister and use a pig to deliver the baby - The only girl who suspects Lecter in the investigating team die, yet no one investigate Lecter until later on - Lecter fight with multiple other characters at once, and injured them severely (throat cut, 5 meters fall, and stabbed in the heart) but all the main characters somehow survive the fight for the sake of the show - A character is conceived by reading quantum mechanic equations written in a diary by Lecter (who is a physician not a physicist) and completely forgot every possible moral value
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