Season #: 3, 2, 1
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Summary: Welcome to the Johnny and the Sprites guide at! Johnny came to live in a house in the woods to work on his music in peace, but found the woods to be populated by fairy-like creatures known as Sprites. Johnny and the Sprites sing and dance together every episode. The second season of the full series has come to an end on Playhouse Disney. This new season features both Johnny and his friend Gwen visiting Grotto's Grove. It also features new sets, some new elements for the series, and new magical abilities for the Sprites. As of late 2008, Johnny and the Sprites can no longer be seen on Playhouse Disney in the United States. Check listings in other markets. You can also catch the series on a single DVD release, Meet the Sprites! Johnny and the Sprites originally featured Ginger and Basil, two Sprites with very different talents. Ginger is a very athletic girl and Basil isn't much for sports, but he has many other talents. Also joining Johnny and the Sprites is Seymour the mole who lives in Johnny's garden. In each episode, Johnny helps one or both of these sprites with concepts such as taking turns and being patient. Each episode also features an original song written and composed by Broadway musicians. Johnny and the Sprites began as a five minute mini-show airing weekdays on Playhouse Disney. The full version premiered in January 2007 and aired every Saturday on Playhouse Disney The new edition featured new characters, new sets, and more complex plots. The full version also featured three new Sprites. Lily is a Mexican water Sprite. She is outspoken and sometimes lapses into Spanish when overexcited. Root is an earth Sprite. He is rather shy, but very good at growing plants. He is somewhat younger than the other Sprites. He affectionately refers to Johnny as "Nonny." Sage is a wise old Sprite. Though he often takes long naps and is sometimes forgetful, he is the smartest Sprite anyone knows and gives very good advice.Also joining is Gwen, a spirited woman who loves to try new things. She often assists Johnny around the house and with other projects. Watch also for special guest characters, as well as the fuzzies, a group of small, furry friends. Show Theme [Johnny] I came to live In this house in the woods To work on my music on my own But somehow I feel it's a magical place And somehow I feel I'm not alone I was just Johnny till I walked through that door But I'm not just Johnny anymore! I'm Johnny [Johnny and...


Network: Disney , Disney Channel
Genre(s): Kids
Creators: Louise Gikow, John Tartaglia, Michael Schupbach, Jill R. Gluckson, Daryl Watson
Seasons: 3, 2, 1
Cast Credit
Leslie Carrara Ginger (Credited As Leslie Carrara-Rudolph)
Heather Asch Root
Jennifer Barnhart Featured Puppeteer
Tim Lagasse Basil
Carmen Osbahr Lily
John Tartaglia Creator
Natalie Venetia Belcon Gwen
Lara MacLean Additional Puppeteer
Michael Schupbach Additional Puppeteer