ABC | SHOWTIME | BB2 | Release Date: April 8, 1990
Universal acclaim based on 44 Critic Reviews
NewsdayMarvin KitmanJul 12, 2013
Season 1 Review: It's stunning for a TV mystery. It's actually mysterious. The mood, the characters, the surreal quality of how the story is told, are something different. It has a slow hypnotic movement, a style like a boxer in slo-mo. It hit me with tremendous energy and made me abandon despair at the state of TV mysteries. [5 Apr 1990]
Wall Street JournalRobert GoldbergFeb 21, 2013
Season 1 Review: What Mr. Lynch does so well is to imbue something as ordinary as small-town America with an inchoate threat, an ax waiting to fall. In short, Twin Peaks is creepy... After two episodes, Twin Peaks is riveting. And it's so cool, it's chilly.
St. Louis Post-DispatchEric MinkFeb 21, 2013
Season 1 Review: Riveting, distinctive television that is totally entertaining, in the broadest sense of the word. [8 Apr 1990, p.6G]
Orlando SentinelStaff [Not Credited]Feb 21, 2013
Season 1 Review: Twin Peaks is like the horrific, teasing fever nightmare that takes you to the head of the darkened staircase and throws you off, leaving you frozen in midflight at an exquisite peak of terror and wordless exhilaration. [8 Apr 1990, p.G1]
Miami HeraldHal BoedekerFeb 21, 2013
Season 1 Review: What a strange but stunning achievement Twin Peaks is... For television, Twin Peaks may be the summit of off-the- wall originality. [8 Apr 1990, p.H4]
USA TodayFeb 21, 2013
Season 1 Review: TV has so much middle ground already there's no way not to cheer ABC's nerve in giving us something so ground-breaking, so distinctive, so you- can't-take-your-eyes-off-it or get-your-mind-off-it gripping...They've set a tone with Sunday's two-hour pilot - which succeeds best as a masterpiece of mood - that's gleefully perverse, visually glorious, splendidly acted, with a pulsating music score that heightens an already unbearable tension. [6 Apr 1990, p.1D]
NewsdayMarvin KitmanJul 12, 2013
Season 2 Review: The writing and the story look and sound different. Even when nothing happens, it's different TV. [6 Nov 1990]
Philadelphia Daily NewsRon MillerFeb 21, 2013
Season 1 Review: This show is so deliciously perverse that washing up afterward just seems the natural thing to do. [6 Apr 1990, p.75]
San Diego Union-TribuneJoe SteinFeb 21, 2013
Season 1 Review: There's a brooding, stylish feel to Twin Peaks and hints that many horrible secrets will be unearthed during the hunt for Laura Palmer's killer, but there's also the thought that Lynch is going to have some fun with both the soap opera and mystery genres. [6 April 1990, p.C-20]