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  • Summary: [DSiWare] DRAGON QUEST WARS is a grid-based strategy game featuring all of your favorite quirky DRAGON QUEST monsters. Choose from several modes and get ready for battle. While the rules are simple, strategy is the key to victory. The game features single-player and DS Wireless Play, as well as battles with foes worldwide via Nintendo┬« Wi-Fi Connection. (Broadband Internet access is required for online play.) [Square Enix] Collapse
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  1. Dragon Quest Wars is like chess, simple in theory, but hard to master....For just 500 Nintendo Points, is one of the most solid experiences in the virtual platform.
  2. With a simple concept, Dragon Quest Wars is a surprisingly deep turn-based strategy game, specially taking into account the prejudices about digital content.
  3. 85
    Dragon Quest Wars may not offer the kind of epically lengthy role-playing experience that most gamers would commonly associate with its brand, but what it does offer is superb.
  4. A smart, addictive strategy offering that's among DSiWare's very finest games. [Christmas 2009, p.102]
  5. If you can somehow curb your expectations of Dragon Quest Wars being a typical Dragon Quest-style RPG experience and accept it for the simple, yet enjoyable strategy title it is, then you're likely to find a very fulfilling and playable DSiWare title that will provide you with many hours of fun.
  6. Dragon Quest Wars is yet another great game ser on purpose for the DSiWare service. It's basically an strategic RPG based on the popular figures of the franchise, with cute graphics and a very interesting gameplay style. A very interesting offer if you like the genre.
  7. Easy and quick, perfect for the multiplayer experience.

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  1. AaronB.
    Oct 2, 2009
    Great strategy game based on the Dragon Quest series. It even has online multiplayer so it's a great value for $5.