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  • Summary: The year is 3134 and after 60 years of peace and prosperity, the Republic of the Sphere is now living in a dark age of ex-communication. Nearly all Hyperpulse Generators (HPGs), the pinnacles of interstellar communication, have been struck by a virus leaving worlds cut off from all information. With involuntary blinders on, no one in the Republic knows when, or where, the next attack could be coming from. Their only hope is to turn the HPG into an instrument of war. [Majesco] Expand
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  1. A great game that you can’t go wrong with. But unless you’re prepared to play the multi-player modes for months on end with your buddies, (remember there is no online play), then you’d be advised to rent this.
  2. It's not without a few problems here and there, but if you liked the console MechAssault games, or are just looking for a solid mech action title on the DS, MechAssault: Phantom War won't disappoint you.
  3. Apart from the lack of online play, MechAssault: Phantom War brings all of the mech combat action from the Xbox to the Nintendo DS without losing much in translation.
  4. Kudos to the developer for squeezing this much game into a DS cart.
  5. Though the campaign will pit you against clusters of foes at every turn, the games’ less than stellar combat mechanics will greatly dull the experience.
  6. 60
    The graphics and multiplayer options should've been weighed out more, but are made up for with excellent gameplay and decent Wi-Fi against a friend. If robot bashing is beating heavily anywhere in your body, it's time to settle in with a few rounds of this game. You won't be sorry.
  7. 30
    Although MechAssault: Phantom War isn't necessarily the worst game to ever pop up on the DS, it's pretty close to the bottom of the pile. The poor controls and bland graphics are a far cry from everything that made the original MechAssault game on the Xbox such a success.

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