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  • Summary: RoadKill presents an action-packed, mission-based combat driving experience. To survive, you must out-drive, outgun and outthink rival gangs, city guards, and anyone else gunning for you in the living, post-apocalyptic territory of Hell County. With the ability to build up a powerful gang following, you'll unleash havoc, chaos, and destruction on the environment and its inhabitants with a wide selection of vehicles, a potent armory of weapons, and special equipment in both single-player and various multiplayer game modes. Collapse
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  1. A great alternative to GTA and TMB on the GameCube. While certainly not as stellar as these two hallmark titles, we’ll just have to stop complaining that there are no extremely violent games on the GameCube.
  2. 77
    This game earns all of its M-rating. It's a capital M. There is more gore, rough language, and general disrespect for humanity in this game than in most prisons. If you go in with your eyes open or (God help us) even enjoy some of these things, then it can be bloody good fun.
  3. If you think the idea of a game about driving around in a machine-gun-toting car while completely ignoring traffic laws and blowing away anything in your path sounds like fun, then you'll get it out of RoadKill.
  4. If you live with your mother, smoke pot, watch wrestling, can’t vote, and love The Cramps or have a big brother who does, you will likely have a blast with this game. Not only can you get your violence fix by yourself on a Wednesday night, but you and your friends can have fun wrecking each other in the 4-player split-screen.
  5. As a car-combat game, it's passable but not exceptional. As a postacopalyptic "GTA" clone, it falls well short of the mark in terms of story, mission diversity, and replay value. [Nov 2003, p.171]
  6. 50
    This game does nothing new except offer a ton of foul language to get you in trouble with the 'rents. Next, please.
  7. A mediocre mess of a vehicular battle game that contains an excessive amount of violence and strong language. [Feb 2004, p.150]

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