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  • Summary: Age of Wonders encompasses many facets of games that have preceded it, but it adds improvements of its own and is consequently a complex and highly evolved strategy game.
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  1. Nov 22, 2012
    I can only confirm what JorgeOlsson wrote in his review.

    This is a very good game, with interesting story, lots of campaign missions,
    offline and multiplayer scenarios to play.

    It's been long since I last played it, but since its on sale at Steam, this is a must buy for anyone who enjoys turn based strategy games.
  2. Jul 23, 2011
    Although perhaps a hundred people will ever read this review, to those that do know that you are looking at this game for all the right reasons. This is the quite simply the best turn based strategy game of all time. Taking control of one of twelve races, you fight your way through many different scenarios playing how you want to play, either allying with other factions to work together against your enemies, or crushing all who would oppose you.

    Beside the many scenarios, there is a huge campaign which can be played from two perspectives: The Keepers who choose the path of light and seek to return the world to peace and tranquility, and The Cult of Storms who would seek death to the humans who removed them from their position of power. With an amazing soundtrack, endless hours of entertainment and a huge fan base offering hundreds of mods and additional scenarios that is still alive even now years later, age of wonders is the one game that every pc gamer who loves turn based strategy games should own. Play it, and you will see exactly what i mean.