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  • Summary: Alien Breed: Impact is an explosive science fiction arcade-shooter that resurrects a much revered franchise with an epic story, swarms of highly intelligent alien enemies, high-impact weapons, highly detailed and rich environments; all implemented with superb technology in a state-of-the-art gaming experience. Expand
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  1. Alien Breed: Impact is an nice action-packed Arcade game. 15 Euros is more than "ok" for eight to nine hours exciting gameplay.
  2. The brisk single-player campaign is reason enough to overlook the boring cooperative multiplayer. Unfortunately, the lack of blood, same-looking environments, and cheap-looking comic strips let it down.
  3. Perhaps more significant are the advantages of mouse-based control, which offer not only more precision but a far better camera system to boot. But while no one will have any complaints about the quality of the port, charging almost twice as much for the privilege is a little optimistic.
  4. After 19 years Team 17 excavated its classic Amiga game and it still has some charm today. But it's a game to play for half an hour a day at most due to its lack of variation.
  5. Alien Breed: Impact is a nice game, which could be overworked at some points. But if you are not sure if it's worth € 14.99, you still can download the demo on steam and take a look first.
  6. Technically brilliant "update" of the famous arcade shooter ruins its image with crappy controls and too much roaming through the confusing corridors. [July 2010]

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  1. Feb 14, 2014
    2-person co-op is where this game shines, and feels totally different than the single-player mode most reviews rate poorly. For instance, in co-op it is a progressive route, not running pointlessly back and forth as required in single user. Expand
  2. Mar 9, 2013
    Alien Breed is a rather simple but fun isometric view shooter. The game is set aboard a spaceship and the single player campaign lasts around 8-9 hours. Although the game mainly involves walking through dark corridors and shooting at giant alien bugs, it manages to maintain a good sense of atmosphere and delivers well on the fun aspect. The player gets to use 5 different weapons, several items, and faces a healthy variety of enemies, which does well at minimizing what could potentially have been a repetitive game. The situations vary greatly. At times you might face one or two bugs at a time, and then at other times a whole wave would just burst out from all around you and force you to battle for your own survival. The fact that enemies could come from anywhere doorways, vents, floor creates a sense of tension and keeps the player ready for anything. Although it seems like the game is building towards some kind of plot, usually in the comic-book-style cutscenes, most of the things you do don’t seem to have much relevance. For most of the time when outside battles you just go around the huge ship and activate various computer systems in order to gain access to the next area. It could feel repetitive at times, but the main focus of the game is mostly on tension and battles with the aliens, so I suppose it’s not much of an issue really. There is also a chance to upgrade your weapons so to give yourself a bit of an edge in combat. Each weapon has 3 different upgrade options: rate of fire, reload time, and damage per shot. Now the interesting thing is that you can only ever have 1 upgrade active at a time, so the player will have to do some decision making and choose an upgrade that they feel is most suitable for each gun. This also opens a slight possibility for replay value. Without giving spoilers, I also want to mention that I was a bit disappointed with the final boss of the game. Its attacks kept repeating themselves over and over in a very repetitive pattern, and also for some strange reason at times when the boss is supposed to go under the floor it kept getting stuck upside down. However, this is only a mere 10-15 minutes of an otherwise very engaging and well-polished game. It’s quite simple at its core, but the quality of the presentation that it delivers is very respectable. Now after having completed the game, there are two more parts that await me and it seems the plot is still building towards something. This is not really a stand alone game, but more like a chapter of a book or an episode of a TV show. So I am quite eager to try out second and third instalments in the series and see where this goes. Lastly to mention, the game also offers a co-op mode, but I am yet to try that out. Expand
  3. Nov 1, 2013
    Ton of old school fun with nice new school visuals. Of course the original Alien Breed was essentially a "clone" of the arcade game Alien Syndrome. This is much more than that. The level design is much better than alien breed 2, there seems to be less of the constant runaround there was in the original, even if you are still basically running about flicking switches. If you like top down shooters then of course, get it. If not then well... this isn't for you. Expand
  4. Sep 15, 2013
    Right off the bat Alien Breed: Impact feels like a game that's only half-finished. A month or two more could taken this game from being very mediocre to very good.

    The graphics are generally pretty and detailed in a grey and blue sort of way. The first three stages are extremely repetitive whilst the last two, the hydroponics level and the ghost ship do mix it up a bit.

    The sound is all over, there are really chilling alien noises mixed with the silly pew-pew of the laser gun. The voice acting is generally good but only in the cut-scenes.

    The point where Alien Breed really falls down is it's game-play. You'll probably find fighting the camera and map far more challenging than fighting the aliens. If the character was moved slightly further up the map and zoomed out a bit more a lot of problems would be solved. Redesigning the stages so a non-rotational camera could have been used would have been a huge plus. Shooting aliens at the bottom of the screen and trying to find items and doors hidden behind walls is... annoying.

    The map will show you your objective in the HUD but no ship layout. To see the ship layout you need to use your tablet but then the objective is only shown if it fits on the immediately visible piece of map. This isn't helped by the controls opening the map with one key and closing it with another. Did I mention annoying. Yeah am sure I did.

    The initial stages, despite having repetitive graphics will then also see you running from one end of the ship to the other making for even more repetitive play. This artificially lengthens the stages as the game designers contrive sillier and sillier reasons to need to run back through areas you've already been through. This wouldn't be so bad if you were constantly under attack but they are mostly long walks with nothing happening you can only run for a limited period of time.

    Things get somewhat better later on. The aliens start swarming from all corners making for a lot more action. The stages are still back-and-forth but at least there's stuff to do.

    And now I come to the aliens my next big gripe. There are about 4 or 5 types of alien but they're practically indistinguishable. I think they're all supposed to have special abilities and that would have been awesome if they used them and forced tactical play. But they don't, they run straight lines towards the player and as they don't collide with each other usually form an easy to shoot pile.

    There's little satisfaction in shooting them as they don't throw out gouts of green alien blood, only the odd particle. They get knocked around easily by even weak weapons and this before dying with barely a whimper and a quick death animation.

    This sounds really negative and it is until later on when for instance wading through dozens of aliens in Hydroponics is a complete blast. Then you don't notice the silly bullets, lack of blood or mind the quick deaths.

    Moving on: the last issue I have is with the story. The main character is the chief engineer of the space ship The Leopold. The Chief Engineer. But he has no security rights and no understanding of engineering consoles he breaks just about every one he touches. Using a generic space marine character would have made more sense. Like the Doom Guy.

    Also the Leopold has crashed into a giant derelict ship of unknown origin. Except the name of the ship is written on the side. In English. And it's an Intex ship just like the Leopold. Surely someone would have kept a record of it somewhere.

    I'm going to stop complaining now and recommended Alien Breed. It may not be great but it is worth a couple of your dollars and few of your hours. For all I've said I did enjoy it but suspect I should have cranked up the difficulty.
  5. Feb 21, 2013
    Maybe the reason is that I played "Alien Breed" trilogy after I put my hands on "Alien Swarm", or maybe it is the game itself, but it is difficult to say something positive about this game.
    Lack of good story, boring gameplay, way too difficult unbalanced co-op. Ok, I do believe, that the game had some potential but it was wasted.
  6. Dec 16, 2013
    This is a sad attempt to catch the glory of the original Amiga hit. The Graphics and effects are quite nice, but the gameplay is quite horrible as it's real annoying to battle both the Aliens and the stupid camera. I can't really understand the justification for using such a jumpy camera. It is not rocket science to figure out a stable camera for an Arcade game. They knew they messed up the camera and introduced some auto aim to compensate for it, but auto aim for Alien Breed just defeats the purpose of the game.
    I still give some points for the art work.
  7. Oct 7, 2011
    Lame horrible filth! I hate having this game on my list of steam games. It makes me feel like a douchbag just for buying it. I only got it since the old amiga version was so cool back in the day but to make exactly the same game today is just pathetic. What a sad little game!!! Expand

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