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  • Summary: An unflinching realisation of a Clive Barker nightmare for next-gen console platforms and PC, Clive Barker's Jericho is a supernatural horror concept with story by the master mythmaker, novelist and filmmaker Clive Barker. Jericho deals with the mysterious reappearance of a lost city in a remote desert. When a form of evil that goes right back to the dawn of days resurfaces from there, a Special Forces squad, trained in both conventional warfare and the arcane arts, is sent in. Their mission: Hunt down and destroy the evil that lurks at the heart of the city before it destroys humanity. Jericho is designed as an action horror title that ups the stakes in visuals and phantasmagorical special effects. Mingling the darkest elements of Barker’s horror fiction and films with an ambitious, age-spanning story, aimed at mature gamers, fans of Clive Barker and horror fiction enthusiasts. [Codemasters] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 4 out of 25
  2. Negative: 2 out of 25
  1. One of the best horror games to come out this fall, with horrifically imaginative creatures and dark, blood-covered environments.
  2. A solid shooter marred by poor design. Excellent visuals and some fine FPS gameplay are to be had in Jericho, but I wouldn't pay full price for it.
  3. I guess I would recommend it to Clive Barker fans. Bear in mind that there are obvious drawbacks to it, too. If you can live with the abovementioned issues (mostly concerning the tedious elements in the level design and its appearance), you will find stuff that you can like in this one.
  4. If the AI worked as it was intended, and if there was a cover system beyond "stand behind that pillar and the splash damage 'might' not kill you," Jericho would be great. But it doesn't, there isn't, and it's not. [Dec 2007, p.82]
  5. Jericho doesn't really bring anything new to the gaming world.
  6. The end result is just to routine to be scary. [Holiday 2007, p.84]
  7. 40
    The action and violence are satisfying enough to make the game marginally recommendable, but only barely. Add in the complete lack of any multiplayer options, a terrible ending, and Clive Barker’s Jericho feels like a game where the good parts are overwhelmed by the shortcomings.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 40 out of 59
  2. Negative: 12 out of 59
  1. Jan 11, 2012
    Underrated gem and fun to play if you don't mind grinding through the same types of enemies. The game has it's bright moments and if you manage to get to the bottom of the story you'll enjoy most of it. The concept to switch between characters further enhances the experience and is necessary to survive. Well that's all I can tell and I hope someone finds this helpful. Expand
  2. Nov 4, 2012
    Most amazing show I have ever watched. Just wrapping up season one on netflix and about to start the second. Very unfortunate that a third season isn't getting made. This should change Forsure. Expand
  3. Jan 26, 2012
    This game was AWESOME! I have NO IDEA why some people would pan this game, let alone some of the unforgiving reviews here or a steam meta-score of 63. This was one of my favorite FPS games to come out in a Long time, and I've played a lot of them. Got it as a value title on steam and I played it to the hilt in a couple of days, got more than my money's worth -- it was a STEAL! While It's not perfect, it doesn't need to be and I can be truly unforgiving to some games with profound enough flaws. The Good: Interesting and novel elements for FPS's can be found here. Lots of Abilities and gimmicks that many other games think sufficient to rest on their laurels with one or two of, this game has a whole suite of them thrown in with the kitchen sink (14 total, including bullet-time, Healing, Tele&Pyro Kinesis, bullets you can guide in flight as well as spell-like effects.) You can freely switch between the 7 characters in your squad for most of the game, each accommodating different play-styles, to keep the game fresh, or to overcome specific challenges. Need the whole squad to take something down? Go with your support classes. Just want to mow everything down and don't overthink it? Go heavy. Puzzle time? Switch to the clairvoyant. Time to get personal? One of the characters is a melee badass. The environments and characters as well as enemies are really immersive and sometimes truly horrifying. There are a few quick time events sprinkled into the game -- but where in most titles this feature is repetitive, punishing or annoying -- they REALLY shine here. I won't ruin them all but there is one where you have to use quick-time button-mashing to perform an EXORCISM! Very cool. The gore, language and violence are VERY graphic and even disturbing in places -- but appropriately so. The story is historically inspired and TRULY different. What's cooler? As the game progresses your futuristic squad moves further and further back in time and interacts with folks like 1942 British Occult soldiers (and their nazi counterparts), Corrupted Crusaders, Roman Legionaires... all the way back to Sumerian Priests! There is good character development and achievements unlock info about various heroes and villains -- in most games this is extraneous or cursorily interesting, but for this game I read and examined them all THOROUGHLY. The backbone concept alone is awesome -- Military Occult Warfare team assembled from Witches and Chaplains in the US army? The story is AMAZING. The Bad: Really... I have to work to give equal time for deep criticism, because the game is awesome especially for the price, but here goes... No multiplayer -- and in a squad-based game like this it is TRULY a shame -- if it did it could have potential for amazing multiplayer action akin to games like left 4 dead, because the characters are so different and would mesh SO MUCH BETTER if a variety of people were talking and driving them (though the AI is adequate for single-player) Perhaps dare I say considering the 7 different classes it could have been a great mesh of Left 4 Dead and Team Fortress 2... sadly, it was not to be. A second gripe would be that once you are able to rapidly switch between the entire squad things can get a little overwhelming at first. They DO try to acquaint you with each character in turn and introduce the powers, but before long you find yourself in situations where 1 or 2 powers are the best (or in a couple of circumstances the only) solutions before you are fully familiar with all the tools at your disposal. Thankfully the game is long enough so that before long you know what you've got and can switch it up to handle anything you need to deal with. Also, while the character selection menu uses squad members last names to identify them, in many situations the squad-members voices refer to characters by their first name. Sure, before too long you'll catch up and learn that you need to switch to Black (the Sniper) when somebody is asking "Simone" to take a critical shot or use telekinetics, or know intuitively that when people are yelling that "Billie is Down!" that you need to go help (Billie) Church as referred to into the menu. I got the idea, they wanted you to have a first-name basis and identification with the characters... but it was a little difficult at first, like being at a dinner party and being nervous about remembering everyone's name to whom you were introduced... still, by the third mission I assure you I was good friends and on a first name basis with all of them. Lastly, where some games can be annoying or punishing in putting you in situations where there is no obvious way or counter-intuitive way to proceed, it seems the dialogue in this game was almost in a hurry to give things away -- You never get to a point where you want to hit your head on a wall because in some situations the puzzle is telegraphed to you before you know there's a problem! Beats the alternative though.
  4. Feb 17, 2013
    The designer must be quite creative, so that they managed to produce this all-new game play method. Changing and combining different characters together is really a great fun. But the shooting part feels awful, the bullet just absorbed by the monster and this seems weird. And we can not jump, some bugs still affecting game 7 is a good score in my point of view. BTW, the story line is attractive :P Expand
  5. Jun 14, 2013
    Overall I thought the game was pretty good. Graphics and gameplay are solid while the story also keeps you interested. The high repetition and poor ending bring down the score. Expand
  6. Oct 27, 2013
    Mechanics are acceptable, the plot (sadly as it comes from clive barker) sounds more like the plot for a generic TV show than a game and well, I suppose 6 years after the fact it's starting to look a little creaky. Expand
  7. May 18, 2011
    The game isn't bad for a shooter, but it doesn't top the list either. A half decent story combined with the ability to switch characters having different skill sets make it mentionable, but the flaws really outshine the strengths. Poor level design with essentially linear corridors allowing only one way in and one way out alongside poor sqaud AI and one dimensional monsters. For the $1.69 I paid, it was money well spent. Expand

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