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  • Summary: Deep in the shrouds of history we find the world's first chess machine, the legendary Chess Turk. Built by a Baron for a Queen, the automaton was half human, half robot. Napoleon Bonaparte battled against it, Benjamin Franklin bowed to its brilliant play, and Edgar Allan Poe tried to dissect it with his analytical mind, torn between fear and fascination. Now you can relive history and play the dreaded Turk yourself - in perfect 3D animation, 235 years after the empress Maria Theresia had the ancestor of all chess computer programs let built. Experience the fascination of the chess duel "Man vs. Machine" in a unique combination from past and present: the Turk & Fritz Chess 9. Face up to the duel. As did World Champion Vladimir Kramnik and Garry Kasparov, who, followed by millions of chess fans, played for mankind against FRITZ. [Excalibur] Expand
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  1. Fritz 9 is one of those games that I will keep installed on my computer for rainy days or relaxed downtime. I will never be so serious about chess that I get the most out of this title, but it is the best chess game I have played to date. Even if you already own the previous version, or some other game for that matter, you may want to seriously consider giving this one a go.
  2. As far as chess games go, though, you’ll be hard pushed to find anything better.
  3. This is a great game, but more so if you don't have Fritz 8. I do not think there is enough variance in the upgrade to warrant running off and getting it.
  4. Chess-nerds, rejoice! The game that beat Gary Kasparov is back and it knows the game a whole lot better than you ever will!
  5. If you are planning to buy Fritz 9 with the hopes of learning how to play Chess, run far, far away and don’t look back.
  6. The AI itself is quite charactersome, nattering incessantly to you throughout the match, sometimes making scathing remarks on your inability to play chess and sometimes just uttering random remarks, such as Mrs Doubtfire impersonations amongst many others. But even that exuberant façade cannot hide the fact that behind Fritz Chess 9 is very little new material besides engine updates.
  7. Fritz Chess 9 is designed to teach and train chess players, and should be treated as such. If you're looking for an authentic chess xperience, we suggest getting a real chessboard. [PC Zone]

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