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  • Summary: In the Hot Wheels Stunt Track Challenge videogames, players are thrust into competition on a hot new extreme game show -- on which they must complete perilous stunts and win intense races. The goal is to beat opponents and impress the audience with fearless maneuvers, in order to advance into other 'episodes' and win better cars. At the end of the season, the driver with the most courage and best stunt skills will cruise away in a gold-plated car as the Hot Wheels Champion. Players will choose from 30 authentic Hot Wheels cars to compete in 24 stunt challenges on 12 different tracks set in environments such as Buccaneer Bay, Jurassic Jam, Zero Gravity Zone, Tiki Island, Spider Alley and Lava Land. Before each race, players can enter the garage to customize their cars with unique colors, wheels and decals. [THQ] Expand
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  1. The car customization and track designs are the biggest attraction for Hot Wheels gamers. The controls and lack of depth, compared to other racing games, will disappoint rabid racing fans.
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    Slam it in reverse unless you're entertained by rolling quarters across a sunlit floor.
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  1. Jun 10, 2011
    Yes, it is the best Hot Wheels game in my opinion. In this game like all Hot Wheels games you have to drive with little car models. This game has six worlds with several tracks in it. They are Dinosaur World, Spider World, Pirate World, Tiki Island, Space World and Lava World. Altough the career is short and not hard, it is very interesting. Most of the tracks in this game are stunts because it is called Stunt Track Challenge. Graphics are not phenomenal but not bad. There are many cars in this game. I can recognize some of the models because i have them. I like the multiplayer or party play mode. If you want to drive only stunts you can use only keyboard but if you want to race you will need another controller. This game can be played by two players. One bad thing is that it is hard to find where to change graphics settings and change controls. You can find a little application in the installation folder. That is it. If you want a good arcade style Hot Wheels game with great party play mode choose this game. Expand

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