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  • Summary: A tree killed his granny and now he is out for revenge. Meet Jack Lumber, the supernatural lumberjack who hates trees, loves animals, and hates trees. Did we say that twice? The guy really hates trees, and boy does he have an axe to grind.

    Use the supernatural powers of Jack Lumber to
    massacre the forest in this time-warping, line-drawing, log-slicing, pun-filled lumberjacking mashup! Bust out your flannel to muster the strength and burlyness to solve the skill and logic puzzles (flannel not actually required). Expand
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  1. May 6, 2013
    Jack Lumber is pretty straight-forward with what it's offering you. While it could have stood to include a bit more content with the PC re-release and a few enhanced tweaks, it's still an incredibly fun time-waster that happens to challenge you from time to time. You'll cut wood, you'll freeze time, repeat, and somehow it remains compelling.
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  1. May 15, 2014
    This game pulls you in very quickly. Just like plants vs. zombies, it looks kiddie at first but a few levels in you get hooked. Also, there are lots of achievements in the game which are easy if you like achievements. Expand
  2. AWG
    Jul 25, 2013
    Another good and polished Mobile-to-Desktop porting, Jack Lumber for PC is a good way to kill a couple of hours (or more, if you're particularly committed in getting the always fair but sometimes hard achievements) Expand
  3. Mar 16, 2014
    Jack Lumber is a wooden twist on Fruit Ninja, but thirty minutes of playing was enough for me. It looks like the 'lumber' currency was supposed to be tied into a micro-payments scheme, but the designer couldn't find a balance for it. Expand