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  • Summary: Nuclear Throne is Vlambeers latest action roguelike-like about mutants fighting their way through a post-apocalyptic world. The radioactive waste in the world allows mutants to get ahead by mutating new limbs on the fly, the abundant availability of powerful weaponry make the quest to become ruler of the Wasteland one frought with peril. Expand
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  1. Jun 4, 2014
    Nuclear Throne is pure, unadulterated chaos on top of a set of evolving and tight controls. Things will try to kill you, and you need to learn exactly how many hits each enemy takes, how each of the multitudinous weapons deals damage, how the mutations work alongside weapons and character traits, what particular types of terrain and obstacles do, etc. - otherwise, you'll fall apart in this randomly-generated top-down shooter. It's brutal! That's part of the fun - even the developers often have a hard time getting past World 5. [@GenoTS - that chest is called a "Mimic," and having no indicator that it's a mimic is the whole point of the enemy, a la Dark Souls. It's supposed to be tough!] Coming up on its 30th update, the team has been squashing bugs and making new stuff, while broadcasting their work on Twitch. They've almost reached their creation of the final level now. The soundtrack is awesome. The pixel art is expressive, weird, and cool. There are some really freaking cool secrets, and also some secrets that will kill you. Expand
  2. Dec 23, 2013
    Nuclear Throne does a fantastic job at filling the role of a mere "shooter", but after your first glance, you'll see that the game-play is deceptively strategic. While *extremely* difficult, it never feels "cheap". Prepare yourself for one of the most addictive games to come out this year. At present, the game is not complete but as it stands right now, it's easily worthy of a 9.0 score. That said, the developers are quite prolific in their efforts (with updates like every week) and I have no doubt that Nuclear Throne will retain its worthiness of such a high score (if it doesn't exceed it, that is). Expand
  3. Mar 2, 2014
    It's a fun game but honestly, I gotta disagree with the other reviewer: deaths can be very cheap. You get ammo from chests in this game. There is a chance that these chests are actually monsters in disguise, and will do damage to you. There are also enemies that self-destruct when you kill them, but there is no indicator for this. It's a fun game but they really have to fix this. Expand