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  • Summary: (Also known as "Obscure II") Two years ago, at Leafmore High, a group of young teenagers were trapped inside their school and hunted by monsters that had been released by the maniac headmaster. Some of them survived that terrible night, while others perished. Now, the survivors have picked up their lives and joined college. But all is not right on Fallcreek University; strange black flowers have suddenly sprung up everywhere on the campus. While experimenting with these flowers in class, a dangerous substance is discovered that induces strange but vivid dreams. But a handful of students find out that there is more to the flowers than anyone could have expected; when the seeds finally germinate, a bad trip suddenly turns into a horrible reality... Features 6 charismatic characters with unique skills; unique coop mode: second player can join in at any time; highly detailed and rich 3D environment; find clues and solve various rddles and mysteries; and a vast variety of weapons and horrifying monsters. [Playlogic] Expand
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  1. One major plus point in Obscure II is the inclusion once again of co-op play, still a feature that remains unique to this series and one of those things that has you wondering why developers such as Capcom haven't implemented team play into their own survival horror games.
  2. It's not perfect, but it does offer some solid entertainment value despite some flaws.
  3. If horror films where the screams are sufficiently high-pitched to get the neighbourhood dogs howling are your kind of thing, then ObsCure II is easy to get into, not too taxing on the brain and just about competent enough to keep you playing for its 15-hour duration.
  4. It’s not an action game, not with the scarce ammo and omnipresent puzzles, but it’s not Silent Hill either. Rather an adventure in a horror set created mostly with the use of flashlight, screams, whispers and lapping sounds – the monsters, when they finally appear, are somewhat disappointing. [Dec 2007]
  5. Obscure II doesn’t need reminding of its faults, because it wears them on its sleeve; it’s a guilty pleasure that, despite being technically unimpressive, still provides dollops of cheap entertainment. [Oct 2007, p.119]
  6. A sophomore effort that should have been held back a grade. [July 2008, p.66]
  7. Ugly, last-gen visuals further dampen the fear factor. Muddy textures and low poly counts cause scenery and monsters to blend together into a murky mess.

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  1. Mar 14, 2012
    Best game series EVER. Instead of surviving the horrors of zombies and monsters as typical police or war veterans, you play as un experienced students who need to survive the horrors of Fallcreak. Great story, great graphics and great fun factor. Highly recommend it. Expand
  2. M.AzfarS.
    Oct 6, 2007
    A very nice game.
  3. VladicaM.
    Oct 24, 2007
    The game-play is ok but the camera in the game sometimes sucks .
  4. Mar 27, 2012
    A surprisingly not-terrible sequel to a terrible game. Features some decent scares (but not enough), improved gameplay mechanics, voice-over work that is still weak but no longer laughably bad and a story that is better written and more believable than the original. While still average overall, Obscure 2 is what happens when a company really pays attention to what caused a previous effort to fail and fix it. Expand