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  • Summary: With over nine million units sold worldwide, and unprecedented critical acclaim from fans and press around the world, Sid Meier's Civilization is recognized as one of the greatest strategy franchises of all-time. Now, Firaxis Games will take this incredibly fun and addictive strategy game to unprecedented heights by adding new ways to play and win; new tools to manage and expand your civilization; extensive modding capabilities; and intensely competitive multiplayer options. Civilization V will come to life in a beautifully detailed, living world that will elevate the gameplay experience to a whole new level making it a must-have for gamers around the globe! Expand
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  1. Civilization V is one of the best strategy games I have ever played.
  2. As a hardcore strategy gamer who is no stranger to planning out my empire's production dozens of turns in advance, I've already turned to Civ V for my world-conquering needs – but at the same time, if anything is going to rear a new generation of strategy gamers like the very first Civilization did for me, it's this.
  3. This is Civilization at its best and over time it will ripen like a fine wine and become a masterpiece. 2K Games have outdone themselves in making some massive changes without changing the core gameplay and alienating their fans.
  4. Civilization V is a fantastic entry in the series, which avoids the trap of getting stagnant thanks to some important novelties on combat system, interface and general design, designed to create a 4X of elegant and clean mechanics.
  5. How can you not be overwhelmed by Civilization V? It's a perfect example of a series that's getting close to perfection, step by step. The new improvements are great and feel like they've been there all along. A must-buy for the fans and a great way for newcomers to finally get familiar with the series.
  6. 90
    One of the best turn-based strategy games I've ever had the pleasure of playing. Whether teaming up with my friends for some multiplayer, or simply losing a whole night of sleep to the game's endlessly replayable single player, this is one game that any strategy enthusiast, or, hell anyone strat-curious should check out.
  7. 50
    Unfortunately, it also features some questionable design decisions, an A.I. that can't play the game Firaxis has designed, and the need for a couple of patches.

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Score distribution:
  1. Sep 22, 2010
    A fantastic addition to the Civ franchise. My greatest complaint with previous Civ games, which I've been playing since 1991, was that large armies were extremely unwieldy and frustrating to manage. Sea transportation logistics were also a frustrating time sink. Both of these problems have been solved with Civ V. Everything about the game screams polish and it runs like an absolute dream, haven't had a hitch yet which is becoming so rare with new releases. Expand
  2. Oct 16, 2013
    Civilization remains the ultimate pinnacle of the turn based strategy genre. This title introduced some significant changes from earlier civ incarnations, such as a hex-grid and no unit stacking. I believe this caused some lower user reviews amongst players who dislike change. However, I believe the combat tactics were only improved by this, on top of the overall rock-solid strategy and city building aspects of the game. Expand
  3. Apr 2, 2014
    Good game, provides many different game options in the vanilla game and even more with mods. I am not a fan for the map types though they are a tad too small for me (even the larger ones), the map isn't small just the islands/continents are. A bit disappointing that there is no mod support for the iMac, but through simple steps you can add some mods. Thankfully the modders are patient and usually give you steps on how to manually install. I also dislike how achievements are disabled with mods on because most mods don't even give you god powers as most are just new maps or civilizations, excluding the IGE mod which does make you a Civ god. Another downer is the annoying music at first it isn't bad but after hearing the entire song twice (one for loading and another for game set up) it gets pretty bad haha. Lastly, multiplayer is terrible the connection is awful for the other players and myself, it is literally unplayable because everyone looses connection by the sixth or seventh turn. All these cons though do not add up to the overall greatness for this game, the unpredictability and various options defiantly give you a lot of different play throughs.

    Overall: I highly recommend this game, BUT I suggest waiting for a discount I personally do not believe this is worth the $29.99 or $49.99 (if you purchase through Steam).

    Oh, and don't trust Ghandi when you reach the atomic era . .
  4. Mar 3, 2011
    A while ago, I bought Civ 4 and fell in love. For several weeks, I could barely detach myself from the game. Even now go back from time to time and enjoy playing it greatly. When Civ 5 was announced, I was excited; But for a while I wasn't able to purchase it. Recently I found it had a demo, so I took a night to play through it. It is very fun, just as fun as Civ 4. Some of the new changes I enjoyed (particularly combat and culture). That being said, some of the changes I did not enjoy (namely city states and diplomacy with the new AI). I'd say it balances out pretty well and is probably just as fun as Civ 4, but that's exactly what turned me off. I figure, why should I pay 50 dollars to get a game that i'll have as much fun with as the previous title? For this reason, I will not be buying the full version. I'm already familiar and comfortable with the interface of Civ 4 and more importantly, I already own it.

    Overall, Civ 5 is a very good game like Civ 4, and for someone new to the Civilization series who wants an out an innovative and deep strategy game, i'd say definitely go with Civ 5. But if you already own Civ 4, well, i'd say save your money, or at least make sure you play through the demo before you buy it, because you may realize, like me, that Civ 4 is good enough and you can save those 50 dollars for something else.
  5. Oct 13, 2010
    Sid Meier has always prided himself on creating fun. This product is a noble effort to improve the Civ franchise, which has probably brough more fun into the world than any other, but ultimately it is an incomplete product. If you haven't played Civilization before, play Civ4, it's better, on balance. And, alas, more fun.

    Civilization V fixes most of the problems that plagued Civilization IV. Gone are the 'Stacks of Doom', outlawed by the '1 unit per tile' rule. Economies are again driven by the land, not by cottages or great people. Happiness has been consolidated to an economy-wide focus, rather than a city-centric focus, which saves time. Geographic constraints on city expansion have been relaxed. The largely pointless and annoying disease/nutrition system is gone. The combat system has been beefed up, with ranged units and squares replaced by hexes (why wasn't that part of Civ 1?). The need to check diplomacy every turn to trade techs efficiently has been replaced by a system of collaborative research agreements. And some entertainment has been added through single city states. These are all substantial leaps forward.

    The game fails because despite all of these improvements, I can attest after 80 hours of gameplay, it just isn't fun. The four fun-killers are:

    First, the focus has clearly moved towards military conquest. The AI declares war on you because it can - the United States wants to conquer Canada in CivVWorld. But the AI sucks at war. If you can build an army of 6 units you can hold off an infinite attack from an enemy civ. Build an army of 12 units and you can advance on 2 fronts, which is enough to win constant war against everyone. To be fair, Civ AI has ALWAYS made for a poor man's wargame, but that has never really been the point before (well maybe in Civ 3, but ...), rather the fun has come from building up the civ and watching it thrive. Which brings me to ...

    Second, foolish humans, such as my good self, have always enjoyed the Civ franchise because of the micro payoffs, the "just one more turns" ... This game shows all the hallmarks of squished or hurried design. Tech advances are greeted by quotes both less sage and delivered less compellingly than Leonard Nimoy's efforts in Civ IV. The tech payoffs are sometimes nonsensible - the technology of 'Telegraph' lets you build battleships, miltary based and Rio de Janeiro's Christo Redento. Stop. Most of the Great Wonders confer largely irrelevant advantages, which is perhaps why Firaxis got rid of the beautiful wonder movies and replaced them with inane pictures, so no more do you curse and punch the wall when some other civ beats you by 1 turn. And the rewards for victory ... well, I wouldn't want to spoil the disappointment for you. Game designers everywhere need to understand that if you play for 20+ hours to achieve some condition that they set, you expect some quid pro quo.

    Third, there are design flaws - things that clearly just don't work the way any sane person would make a game work. Such as the maritime city states that provide a quantum of food to each of your cities, no matter how many cities there are in your civilization. Or the 'bonus' resources you wish you didn't have so you could just build a farm. Or the fact that in 1820 you should still build cavalry spearman so you can upgrade them to knights, then rifle-armed cavalry, because the upgrade system is so cheap. Fourth, there are bugs. Lots of bugss. Suffice to say that when you've played a game for 20 hours pushing for a domination victory and then find you can't kill your last opponent because the 10 turn peace treaty you signed 200 turns ago is still in effect, you'll probably consign this game to the dustbin, as I did. I've know doubt these will be fixed in time. So wait before you buy.

    In summary, I see in this product noble efforts to improve on civ 4 that, on balance, failed. The game is less likely to keep me up until 4am pressing the 'Next turn' button than did Civ IV because I care less about my little baby civs then I used to, and find it more inane beating up on my supid enemies than in the past. Nice try Firaxis, but no good. Thumbs down.
  6. Mar 12, 2012
    A big disappointment. I'm a big fan since Civ 1. A year ago i was still playing Civ 2 on my laptop from time to time. The only thing i liked was the combat system. Game is pretty shallow for a civ game and lacks lots of things previous games had. Policy system is a joke, probably taken from tabletop it's not suitable for a computer game. I can only recommend this game to people who are novice to turn based games or casual players who don't want to spend too much time for a single game.

    The fact that this game had a high score from the critics is another joke in my opinion.
  7. Apr 13, 2014
    Next to no combat, just a few noises then the same falling animation.
    Diplomacy is a joke, or the world leaders were all major jerks. No
    No satisfaction for any victories especially the space travel one. The worst animation of a space ship leaving your city. I could of done a better job on paint. No combat
    The unique traits of the civilizations is a joke for **** sake. No combat
    City invasion is nearly impossible early game, and you have to set up your "siege" weapons right next to the ****ing city but they can shoot units over three to four hexagon tiles. No combat.
    Pirate ships some how stand a chance against submarines and cruisers, this rise of nations bull****. No combat.
    Expansions for religion, and trading 60 dollars each is a joke, for **** sake. Games that came out 15 years ago had that **** And had combat too.

    Do yourself a favor and buy a real RTT. Any of the total wars, 100% better. Civilization has no depth or strategy, you just build a monument and then america demands salt and goes to war with you over it. Luxury resource go look in the sea you dick head.

    Suck my dick sid meirer.

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