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  • Summary: Spec Ops: The Line is a provocative third-person modern military shooter that challenges players' morality by putting them in the middle of unspeakable situations where unimaginable choices affecting human life must be made. Spec Ops: The Line unfolds within the destroyed opulence of Dubai. Once the playground for the world's wealthiest elite, Dubai has fallen victim to a series of cataclysmic sandstorms. The city's ultramodern architecture lies half-buried under millions of tons of sand. The very sand that blankets the city plays a marquee role in altering combat situations and serves as a powerful but unpredictable force that will both help and hinder players throughout the course of the game. While most people have fled the now-barren wasteland before the sandstorms swept through, U.S. Army Colonel John Konrad and his loyal squad remained behind to protect those incapable of escape. Unable to reach anyone in Dubai after the storm hit, the U.S. Army feared Konrad and his team dead until they picked up a weak distress signal and launched a rescue operation. As U.S. Army Captain Martin Walker, you and your elite Delta Force team are sent to infiltrate the treacherous region to bring Konrad home. Players experience “"The Line," that razor's edge known only to men who deal in war. It is the line they cross when death and duty become one and the same. It is the end -- of self and sanity -- when their duty is done and only they remain. [2K Games] Expand
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  1. Aug 31, 2012
    Were it not for some technical issues and console-related shortcomings (gamepad controls and no anti-aliasing), Spec Ops: The Line would be one of the best games for 2012. But, things being as they are, it remains merely a diamond in the rough, destined for wicked crazy status within the following years. Definitely superior to the related series of Kane & Lynch, it proves that, with a steady vision and soul, a genre so clichéd like military shooters, can not only surprise us pleasantly, but totally overwhelm us. [August 2012]
  2. Jun 26, 2012
    It does not forget the madness of war.
  3. Jun 27, 2012
    A solid third-person shooter that delivers intense action and a compelling setting, but relies too much on established mechanics, rather than delivering something new. The story however really stands out - a grim and challenging reflection on violence is something you won't find in any typical shooter. Fortunately it's also missing that dull patriotism you've come to expect from today's military action games.
  4. Jul 3, 2012
    A big surprise among military shooters. Spec Ops will present you a dark story that's opposing the well-known clichés of the other military games. It's a pity, however, that the action part doesn't go along with the game's storytelling.
  5. 70
    Expectations were greater than game could have achieved. Yet the new Spec Ops game is a good excuse to stay home and play. [Issue#220]
  6. Jul 6, 2012
    As it is, the story must be commended for tackling the horrors of war and the effect it has on the human mind, and the techniques it deploys to accomplish this. It tries things no other modern military shooter has even come close to, boldly stating that shooters don't always have to be wrapped in mundane and convoluted storytelling, and that's quite the accomplishment considering the oversaturation of the genre.
  7. Jun 27, 2012
    The disconnect between the gameplay and the narrative elements of Spec Ops: The Line is numbing, which makes it more difficult to contemplate the murky morality of war in the way the game wants you to.

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  1. Negative: 20 out of 198
  1. Jun 11, 2013
    If you like are ever played Gear of war then this gam has some thing to offer you .
    One of the most underrated games of the past few years
    just because of the not so good MP they were forced to add. And a lot of people don't like the Anti War and anti American politics in the game

    Game is all about single player which is very good, Great fire fights and games graphics are very good along with a good story .You can pick this up cheap not and its well worth it
  2. Aug 9, 2013
    So good. Best FPS I have played in awhile. Generic combat, but a great, tragic story. If you google the ending, you will want to replay the game and pick up on the subtle clues you missed. Deserves a better critic and review score Expand
  3. Jul 30, 2012
    Where is the love? I don't want to give a good story away, so I'll talk about what I liked. Graphics are good, but the story as mentioned is great! It definitely sucked me in and this was definitely a game for me to replay at least the end to get all the endings. I also think this game is a work of art. I also can't remember another game that has told me, 'If you were a better person, you would not be here' or said something like, What is necessary and what is good are the same. Expand
  4. Jun 27, 2013
    I read about this game a long time ago and finally decided to buy it a few months ago when it was on sale. I must say, I am impressed by it. The gameplay is not unique in any aspect but fairly satisfying, graphics are really nice but what was seriously positive is the story. This game made me think about the topic of war a lot more than games like Call of Duty do. This is really a game that I will remember for a long time even though I doubt I will replay much of it. Expand
  5. Aug 20, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I enjoyed this game. I'm not usually one for first third person shooters, but solidly enjoyed this. I got it as part of a pre-purchase of XCOM the Bureau, so was effectively free, and was pleasantly surprised. Although the mechanics were sometimes a little rough around the edges (ordering squad mates was not as intuitive or fleshed out as much as I would have liked), the story and dialogue kept me engaged. I really enjoyed the scenario and environment in this game, the sand storms and dunes made things interesting, and the movement between close indoors combat and outdoor combat, as well as lots of vertical movement and engagement, kept things fresh. This was really important to me, as in the end you are mainly fighting the same sort of troop again and again (though knives and shotguns would be pointed out to me by my squad mates they still just needed a few bullets to take down the biggest change in type would be heavies, which required a bit of work). The large range of scenarios for engaging these homogenous enemies made it feel fresh up until the end. The story was top notch, and was very happy with the ending I got (1 of 4 or 5 I think), with enough foreshadowing throughout that the twist seems legitimate and not out of the blue. I don't know if I enjoyed it enough to replay the whole thing through again, but I very much enjoyed the ~5 hours I put into it (again, it was free). Expand
  6. Jul 28, 2012
    The game has a really good story to it, and that was the only reason that made me play the entire game from start to finish. And at times left me just sitting in front of the pc and asking myself, "Could i have done things differently ?" On the other hand it's just a mediocre cover hugging shooter game that you just play so you will be able to pass from one part of the story to the other and see what will happen next.
    The graphics(because they seem to be a big part of a players decision to buy a game) are really good, there are a lot of great scenery that you just stay there a little to look at them +for the graphics designers
    Overall, yes, it would be a good game to play, it really takes you into it, played it from start to finish in one day without stopping.
  7. Jun 23, 2013
    Zero effort console port, did not finish.

    As a matter of fact I quit playing ten seconds into the game when I realized I couldn't disable
    the fake dof.

    I flatly refuse to play such drivel

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