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  • Summary: Alias is a third-person action adventure containing a unique blend of action and stealth that puts you under fire and under pressure. Whether you're up against the clock or being hunted by the enemy, fighting against the odds or fleeing for your life, the action is relentless. Utilize your incredible spyware and array of disguises to complete the most dangerous covert missions across the globe. Experience all the heart-stopping action and tension of the award winning TV series. [Acclaim] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 7 out of 31
  2. Negative: 1 out of 31
  1. The variety with the games objects, as well in locations, aint half bad and that alongside some really plush graphics gives this almost instant appeal, which proves a point that some TV programs do transform into half decent games.
  2. Seasoned gamers will rarely have to attempt anything in Alias twice, yet the game still has quite a satisfying length to it.
  3. Cool things like split-screen graphics and a true story give way to a somewhat dull fighting system and graphics that don't quite cut the mustard.
  4. A one-button action/adventure dress-up simulator.
  5. None of the major elements in the game is anything that hasn’t been seen in other stealth games. Nor are they as good. Which gives it the score of 6, but Alias fans should take that score with a pinch of salt...
  6. 60
    Unless you're predisposed to buying anything that is related to the show, just ogle a few gameplay videos, fancy a screenshot or two, and call it a day without wasting fifty bucks.
  7. It's just not very good...Missions are hamstrung by some sloppy ideas and a noticeable lack of playtesting.

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Score distribution:
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