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  • Summary: Time has long since passed since humans came out of the underground shelters. The Organization of Controlling Corporations (OCC), which was founded in order to begin reconstructing society, quickly loses its power as stability returns to the land. But the intention of the OCC is anything but benign. Realizing the power that could be had in controlling the planetary resources, the OCC quickly launches into action a plan that will erupt in civil war and completely destabilize society for their own evil gain. AC unit customization, a core element of all the games in the series, has been addressed. Players now have access to over 400 different parts that can be used to construct literally millions of different AC designs. Weapons and parts have been completely redesigned from the previous titles and new part types have been added, thereby allowing longtime users to build completely new AC designs. Quite possibly the series? most popular feature, head-to-head multi-play is included with the title and enables up to four players to compete against one another using either i.LINK or for the first time ever LAN. [Agetec] Expand
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  1. 90
    Whilst Nexus is most certainly an Armored Core game, and very good with it, a lot has changed on how the game fundamentally plays. Is it the best in the series? Well, it comes stunningly close. [JPN Import]
  2. With one disc that's got a nice plethora of new (new controls, new interface, new parts, etc.), and another disc that's got old made into new (not to mention those many unlockables to top that sweet cherry), you've really got one of the best and broadest Armored Core games on your hands that you could ever dream of.
  3. As the standard bearer for mech-building and fighting, Armoured Core's depth is still as profound... The greater emphasis on overheat and a new tuning system will be to the taste of some veterans and not others, but the beauty of the machines will please all. [June 2004, p.110]
  4. I still find the control too slow and awkward, and this once again hampers my enjoyment of the game somewhat. [Oct 2004, p.75]
  5. 75
    Despite offering a lot of the same (eight games of it, nearly), the slight changes to the engine and all the content make it pretty exciting. There's just too much packed into one box. You must respect it.
  6. A novel and refreshing experience that any fan of the series will definitely want to pick up – but if you hate the series, then this probably won’t help much unless your only complaint involves the awkward controls Armored Core is infamous for, as the new control scheme in AC: Nexus really kicks ass and finally makes the game playable for those of us without immensely twitchy fingers.
  7. It has more of the same clunky controls and general lack of fun for which the series is known. [Oct 2004, p.92]

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  1. Srth
    Dec 4, 2004
    Great New Control That really helps in aerial combat a pity the game is kinda short wish it were longer and I suggest making a main Character next Time with improved story line . Anyway, this game is Great. Expand