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  • Summary: The Biker Mice from Mars are on a quest to get hold of the one thing that can save Mars, their home planet, from total destruction – the Regenerator, but they are not the only ones who want this powerful item – Hairball, leader of the ruthless feline race "the Catatonians", and Ronald Rump, evil corporate land developer want the Regenerator for their own evil purposes. They will throw everything they have at our heroes to acquire it, but the Biker Mice are not alone – they have friends throughout the solar system to help them when the going gets rough. It's an action-packed struggle that starts on Earth and culminates on the planet Mars, with the fate of both planets hanging in the balance! Play the role of each of the three popular Biker Mice: Throttle, the cool leader, Vinnie, the fun dare-devil, or Modo the gentle giant. Throughout each challenge, General Carbine is in touch with the Biker Mice to communicate the mission objectives. Charley the mechanic will also help by repairing their bikes, inventing new weapons and gadgets, and instructing the heroes on how to use them. [The Game Factory] Expand
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  1. It's mindless, it's violent, with nothing but shooting and punching (no blood, but still violent), and repetitive in the extreme, making for a painfully boring waste of three hours of this reviewer's time. I dived on this grenade for you - don't let my sacrifice be in vain!
  2. 30
    Not only should you never buy, rent, or play this game, you should not even look at it on store shelves. Also, don't even give it to people you hate.
  3. Biker Mice From Mars is a total waste of time. We can't put it any more succinctly than that.
  4. Even with expectations duly lowered to allow for the usual make-do approach taken to most licensed kids games, the sheer hideousness of this title still crept up and sucker-punched me right in the soul. There's not a single element of this game that is fun, even in the most tangential use of the term.
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  1. Mar 13, 2013
    Biker Mice from Mars is quite an experience. It is a story of four Biker Mice which used to live on planet mars. The characters are made very compelling and likable and you can easily relate to them. The gameplay is fluid and very addictive and the smooth framerate of 15 FPS makes the game play like a dream. Biker Mice from Mars makes you cry tears of joy and makes you want more. Expand