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  • Summary: Cars Mater-National features an all-new International group of racers vying for their chance to compete against Lightning McQueen in the First Annual Mater-National Race Festival, hosted by Lightning’s best friend, Mater. Explore the new and improved open world of Radiator Springs, play in the all-new Monster Mode, jump into the fast lane with 6 new International racing competitors, burn rubber on new tracks, and twist and turn your way through new mini-games like Ramone’s Rhythmic Rumble and Fillmore’s Fuel Frenzy. Explore the new open world of Radiator Springs, Lightning McQueen’s new Racing Headquarters, and practice facility Over 20 challenging mini-games. 7 exciting new international characters. Multiple new adrenaline-packed tracks to race on. Go head to head with over 10 multiplayer games. [THQ] Expand
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  1. Cars: Mater-National is a decent racing game that will probably satisfy fans of the film, but it’s also flawed in numerous ways that make it difficult to recommend over the countless better racers out there.
  2. Given the depth of play it could have been less, but the graphics and sound help pull it up. This game should appeal to younger fans of the Pixar film, but more veteran players will want to pass on it.
  3. As a racing game, Cars is good, straightforward, family fun. As a movie license, it's a must for all fans. [Christmas 2007, p.88]
  4. While still quite playable for several hours, the lack of true innovation or noteworthy upgrades makes Mater-National seem like more of a rushed expansion than a full-fledged - or fully necessary - follow-up to a memorable kid-friendly racer.
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