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  • Summary: Ash is back, baby! Fully "armed" with his chainsaw, trusty boomstick, and trademark quips, Ash must once again save Dearborn from the unspeakable horrors spawned from The Book of the Dead. When ambitious journalist Trisha Pettywood and occult author Alex Eldrige team up to try to expose the mystery of famed Professor Knowby's murder, they unwittingly open a Vortex to the undead. As the deadites swarm through Dearborn they turn humans into the undead and the town is quickly overrun. Now, with Dearborn in chaos and citizens begging for help, Ash must hack and slash his way through the streets and figure out how to close the Vortex. Ash is soon to learn that all is not what it seems?those he trusts may be plotting against him and the history of Dearborn might be irrevocably changed. [THQ] Expand
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  1. Positive: 3 out of 25
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  1. 100
    The game is supposed to be pure action and loads of fun, and Fistfull of Boomstick certainly delivers.
  2. A fun little romp with plenty of gratuitous violence, witty one-liners, and hilarious cutscenes.
  3. Successfully capturing the spirit of the movie and its hero, Ash, it's one of the better budget titles we've played in quite a long time. [July 2003, p.28]
  4. The gameplay is a mix of sloppy third-person action and even sloppier puzzles, putting the weight of the game squarely on Ash's tongue-in-cheek macho colloquialisms.
  5. It's more fun than "State Of Emergency" (but then, what isn't?) and more interesting than "Hunter: The Reckoning" (if only because Ash is a more identifiable character than anyone featured in that game), but most gamers will have to ask themselves if that actually means anything since neither of those games were classics to begin with.
  6. It's just too little, too late. The formula in Evil Dead: A Fistful of Boomstick remains virtually unchanged from "State of Emergency," and the new weapons and spells and license do little to disguise that the game is just a slightly improved version of its predecessor.
  7. Gameplay? Boring. Get Item A to access Area B, then talk to this guy to find out where to pick up Item C. You’re being led around by the nose the entire time, and enemies just spawn over and over again... A slap in the face of Evil Dead fans everywhere. Absolute drek.

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