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  • Summary: Packed with action, Future Tactics is a turn-based tactical RPG that looks and feels like an action/platform game. Built around a highly complex turn-based battle engine, the adventure showcases a single-player Story Mode, as well as a two-player Battle Mode. The plot is set in the not too distant future, when Earth as we know it has succumbed to a race of extra-dimensional creatures. Now the final hope for restoring order to the planet rests on the shoulders of a young boy, his sister and a rag-tag assembly of unlikely warriors. Future Tactics: The Uprising features: 18 stylized and high-polygon characters interacting in rich, full 3D environments; Unique, number-free turn-based tactical combat system designed to keep players immersed in the action, not the stats; 19 action-packed, highly intense levels waiting to be conquered; Massively deformable terrain. Landscape can be permanently destroyed, leaving behind craters and canyons; Compelling storyline told through fully animated and voiced cut scenes; Two-player customizable battle mode lets gamers tweak handicaps, power-ups and victory conditions; Experience point system allows custom building of team members, allocating upgrades as players see fit; Boot Camp tutorial mode allows novice players to learn good tactics right away. [Crave Entertainment] Expand
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  1. One cool thing is that the terrain in the game can be destroyed
  2. Gets by on the competent execution of its unique gameplay ideas and its low retail price.
  3. The basic premise is very straightforward and isn’t likely to satisfy more than casual fans of the genre.
  4. 60
    Future Tactics makes a few blunders, but simple and intuitive rules, dynamic and destructible battlefields, and a few great ideas make for a fight worth fighting in the end.
  5. Twitchy targeting and basic camera flaws hurt Future Tactics, but we have to admit the game has a certain charm - and it's cheap. [July 2004, p.27]
  6. The story may not be the most earth shattering we've heard, the voice acting (though delightfully it's British!) can be a touch jarring on occasion, and it's initially frustrating and rather basic and rough around the edges in some other respects, but nevertheless it grows into something that you can happily sit down and chip away at all evening without getting too worked up.
  7. Given its derivative premise and simplistic styling, Future Tactics was never going to do great things. Even so, the execution is awkward and lumbering, and falls short even of the limited vision.

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  1. Aug 6, 2013
    DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME! This game is a complete mess. First off, to attack an enemy, you have to go into an atrocious aim mode that's about as accurate as a headline for fox news written by their janitor while high on lsd,crack, and pcp at the same time. The environments look okay for the time but the character faces were awful a few hours in people don't move their lips while talking. the movement is okay but this is where its gets horrible, the progression system. In each level in the environment are hidden things that power up your characters you have to randomly shoot to find them. THESE ARE THE ONLY THINGS THAT LEVEL YOU UP! IF YOU DO NOT FIND THEM, YOU WILL BE HOPELESSLY OUTGUNNED BY LEVEL 3! The story is pitiful and the dialog is painful. Do not play unless you want to put yourself through a few hours of woe and suffering through the form of electronic media. Expand