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  • Summary: An innovative racing videogame based on the sport of competitive street racing and the fanatical, ruthless lifestyles of those involved. Based on entirely new technology that recreates a living, breathing go anywhere Los Angeles with highly destructible environments, players will be able to explore Los Angeles by day or by night from Compton, to LAX, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and the beaches of Santa Monica. Pure racing skills are on the line as the world's best street racers gather in L.A. and the player's self-respect is up for grabs in a variety of non-racing driving missions. Cop chases, gridlock, cross-traffic, high-flying jumps, and the death-defying shortcuts that the Rush franchise is known for take L.A. Rush beyond the standard tuner-car simulation game. Featuring a number of gameplay modes and unique objectives, L.A. Rush will feature more than 50 licensed and concept cars, classic muscle cars, SUVs and import tuners, customizable part manufacturers and designs (including several exclusive West Coast Customs vehicle concepts), celebrity talent, music and much more. [Midway] Expand
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  1. Where LA Rush beats the others to the winning post is in the way that it allows you to spend the money you earn — welcome to the video game equivalent of MTV’s hit TV show "Pimp My Ride."
  2. If you absolutely positively cannot get enough urban racing Rush does it well, but beware, it's pimped to the max. [Nov p.94]
  3. LA Rush is the grubby Downtown district of LA to "Burnout's" Hollywood, if you will - the two games aren't exactly that similar but with so many better options out there, Midway's offering will be lucky not to simply be left on the shelves alongside a few rotting copies of "Turok Evolution."
  4. The hyper-aggressive cops, touchy crashes, and thick traffic all work against the player. They don't heighten the rush. These elements just stop the game dead and make it a chore.
  5. 56
    If you've played any previous Rush games, you'll be sorely disappointed. It's nothing like any Rush game -- in look, feel, design, physics, or anything else.
  6. Because the gameplay was so uninspired, I found myself speeding through streets and ramming myself into the sides of buildings or opposing traffic so that I could watch the physics engine in action, and even that grew tiresome after a short while.
  7. L.A. Rush tries to keep up with the street racing scene, but it’s all show and no go. Repeating races over and over isn’t exactly a draw and the lack of customization is unforgivable.

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