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  • Summary: You arrive penniless on an idyllic South Pacific Desert Island, as it just so happens scattered around the beach an in varous huts (and some hidden locations) there are a variety of Pool tables and sub games to pass the time. On the beach sheltered under the palm trees there is a practice table where you can enhance your skills and what the waves rolling in. When you feel you ar good enough you can enter the Competition Hut and start climbing the Championship ladder. There are 11 sets of pool rules and no less than 30 different computer opponents for you to challenge. All represented by highly detailed charismatic animated hands that gesture their feelings as the games progress. [Ignition Entertainment] Expand
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  1. It’s all about awesome control, physics, and gameplay. This is one pool game that has it all.
  2. Pool Paradise confirms Archer Maclean's reputation as a man with his finger on the pulse of the snooker/pool genre. By combining a highly accurate and satisfying physics engine with the addictive world of gambling and the all-important storyline, his team have created a game that should appeal to a far wider market than your average pool/snooker title and it's only twenty notes. A winner.
  3. Pool Paradise is one of the best budget games in years. This is an addictive, near-faultless pool simulation, with the various games played in the surrounds of an idyllic tropical beach resort.
  4. Built on the core of a very solid pool game, Pool Paradise is a surreal and bizarre game that seems like it's capable of doing anything but taking the game of pool seriously.
  5. For console owners used to having to fiddle with power sliders in order to orchestrate their shots, it brings a nigh-on edible element of tangibility to the experience... An accomplished bundle. [May 2004, p.109]
  6. Its puzzlingly addictive nature simply cannot be reasoned with, yet at the same time, it helps solidify the game as one of the best games of pool to come out on a console platform in many years.
  7. Pros: Solid physics for the central game, lots and lots of bonus content, dirt cheap. [Aug 2004, p.93]

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