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  • Summary: Players assume the role of James, who receives a cryptic letter from his wife (who has been dead for 3 years) beckoning him to meet her in Silent Hill, a place that holds great meaning for the couple. The mystery of the letter compels him to return to the surreal horror and all-too-real danger in Silent Hill. Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 31 out of 34
  2. Negative: 0 out of 34
  1. Stands strong as the top survival horror game of the decade.
  2. 100
    Seldom has sound, vision, and control worked in such perfect harmony. Most players will find themselves wanting to play SH2 right after they finish it the first time.
  3. Things like reducing the on-screen fog, the chance to pick up a chainsaw as a weapon and multiple endings really make it a lot of fun to go through a few times.
  4. The game is one of the longer offerings Konami has offered on PS2 to date...[but] you'll still be left wanting more when the game is over.
  5. It was a little slow at times and the control issues were frustrating, but the great story, incredible atmosphere and just plain creepiness made it all worthwhile.
  6. The graphics at first may seem to be a little too grainy, however the atmosphere created from it is pure genius.
  7. Suffers a bit from being too close to its predecessor in terms of gameplay, but it does manage to scare up enough dread to be a worthy game for fans of the genre.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 84 out of 89
  2. Negative: 3 out of 89
  1. DanielM
    Jan 21, 2010
    In my opinion, this is game of the year, all years. This game, is more then a game. It is so deep that almost every last little detail, from a wall's wallpaper, to a whisper that's just barely audible, and a radio's seemingly random burst of static, all has a profound and revealing reason to be there. I feel so bad that I read the ending before playing this game. If you plan on buying this game, and this is your first non-spoiler review, please. Do not continue reading reviews, just buy it. Many reviews here have spoilers. I hope they make another Silent Hill as good as this one, and that next time, I can play through it with my knowladge of the plot inexistant. Expand
  2. Andrew
    Apr 11, 2006
    Without giving too much away, it will be hard for anyone to ever forget the sad tale of James Sunderland after they've played this game. Perhaps the most twisted and tragic story in gaming to date wraps up in a way that makes you think not just about right and wrong, love and hate, but also the way we as people face our demons or are destroyed by them. Not to be missed. Expand
  3. Oct 25, 2012
    Silent Hill 2 is literary genius embodied in a video-game. Symbolism plagues the town in this which game takes place, leaving story intensely convoluted and abstract. This in no way impairs the game though, but instead adds to the tension of the situation, And If are able to untangle the complex ideals that this intelligent game offers, you will be rewarded with story that parallels (and in some cases surpasses) a novel. In general, Silent Hill 2 is BADASS!!! Expand
  4. Mar 14, 2012
    This is the most touching and greated game ive ever played. I love the game so much. The voice work is perfect, the graphics are perfect, the scare is perfect. Btw, @Mike... SHUT UP! Your rating this game bad cause its not as good as metal gear? WTF? Completely different game series, and metal gear is not even a horror title! OMG! You sir, are imbred. Expand
  5. NinjaMafia
    Nov 28, 2003
    Wow. Thats what I said when I finished Silent Hill 2. Not only is it a good sequel to an already superior game, but it manages to deliver one of the best stories I have ever heard. Okay, you are James Sunderland, your wife died years ago. Suddenly, you get a letter from Mary, youre wife, telling you to meet her at the town of Silent Hill. You are a bit confused but go anyway. When you get there, it is desserted. You eventually find a few living people, one of them looks exactly like youre wife. I haven't even scratched teh surface yet. This game has a disturbing mature story that video games don't often have. The story deals with murder, sexual abuse, the fragile emotions of a human being and other stuff. Yeah, it might take you a while to get the story, even after you have beaten the game, but it is a very good one. No thats and understatement, a Ultra extreme good one. Now on to the gameplay. The gameplay is actually very good. You will get scared plenty of times. But don't expect the Resident Evil scare. Think of I'm going to make you creeped out by the atmosphere scary. The graphics were also superb. The grainy look gave it a spooky touch. The only reason I'm not giving this game a ten is because I didn't feel like replaying it over and over again. Every game should do that, even suvival horros. Yeah and now I'm off to explain to Mike some things about silent hill. What created the monsters? It was actually James taht created the monsters. Listen to the story once in a while, you might pick up on something. Oh and no comparision to MGS2 eh? Only your entire review was comparing the two games. I don't remember much but I'm POSITIVELY sure that MGS2 and SH2 are COMPLETELY different games. Silent Hill is a Horro, MGs is a stealth. and also, how much of the game did you play? You didn't just see yellow lines throughout the whole game. There were walls and buildings. Oh and excuse me for not being able to not make the pipe strike the wall. Did it really matter that much? Same with moving the chair, really. MGS2 was incredibly unrealistic, this game even tries to be more onrealistsic but you bash it for that. I couldn't shoot through the little holes in the lockers in MGS2 could I? No but that didn't make me hate that game anymore. All in all, if you are looking for a disturbing storyline, pick Silent Hill 2 up NOW! Expand
  6. Sep 15, 2013
    Absolutely fantastic. This has to be my favorite survival horror game so far.

    Graphics are great. Voice acting is improved on the original.
    Writing is just mind blowing. Silent Hill 2 takes everything it did in the first game and made it better in every regard, aside from combat (it still sucks, but is slightly better.)

    I really wish I could give this game more praise, but I can't. I enjoyed every minute of this game and found myself replaying it over and over just to see and discover everything. This is a fantastic game that belongs in everyones collection.

    Side note:
    BTW The original is better than the HD remake (hence, why I won't review it.)
  7. Mike
    Jan 20, 2002
    This was the worst game that I have ever played. When I read good reviews about this game I wonder if the other reviewers actually played silent hill 2. Coming off of metal gear solid 2 I was increadibly disapointed. Can someone even explain to me what created the monsters in silent hill 2. If you are playing it, just run from the monsters because it is not even worth killing them. I could not stand the graphics. If a chair was in front of a door you could not open it. In real life you would move the chair. If you swing with the pipe, instead of hitting the wall it goes right through it. Walking down the street at night all you could see was the yellow lines on the road...how could anyone call that good graphics. Anyone who thought this game was good go play metal gear solid 2...no comparison...not even a little...SILENT HILL 2 is the absolute worst. Graphics stink, control of the character stinks, I still don't understand the story....after finishing the game. Collapse

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