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  • Summary: Taking the series in a new direction, apprehension and fear immediately run high when the new main character, Henry Townshend, finds himself trapped in his own cursed apartment. Only by exploring mysterious portals leading to disturbing alternate worlds will Henry begin to uncover clues as to why he is trapped. However, in true Silent Hill fashion, mysterious new characters, horrendous creatures, and the undead will use any means necessary to impede his progress. A tense atmosphere and grotesque enemies will get the player's heart thumping as Silent Hill 4 delivers a gameplay experience that fans and newcomers will never forget. Using state of the art technology, the development team has effectively created bone-chilling effects to add to the game's creepy atmosphere. Players will be able to see changes in environments over time, as the alternate world seeps into reality. In addition, Silent Hill 4 shifts between the first and third-person perspective, which is a first for the series. Beautifully detailed environments, a haunting soundtrack and the game's trademark psychological horror complete Silent Hill 4's overall fear factor as players travel between the room and their worst nightmare. [Konami] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 31 out of 54
  2. Negative: 1 out of 54
  1. In my honest humble opinion Silent Hill 4: The Room is by far the best of the Silent Hill series.
  2. It knows where you work, so you can't run. It knows where you live, so you can't hide. So open up your room already and say, "Ahhhh!" Or would you rather they do it for you, sissy?
  3. For those who can live with the formula, the only real flaw is the latter half of the game where too much trudging through previously visited areas creates something of an anti-climax after such a gripping start.
  4. It also introduces a cerebral angle to a genre that's left little to the imagination and makes it all the more unnerving as the hell on the other side of the hole in your wall closes in. [Oct 2004, p.96]
  5. 74
    The worst in the series, but is by no means a bad game...The most disappointing thing about the game, though is that it only borders on being scary, and this has always been one of the biggest elements in the Silent Hill series.
  6. The inescapable truth for Konami is that it has not just failed to better itself, but has gone backwards to the extent that it's no longer our favourite horror series ("Project Zero 2" ["Fatal Frame 2"] claims that throne for now). [JPN Import]
  7. Fans of the series will have plenty to be happy about, but you can’t help feeling you’ve been here and done that in the previous games. That’s the real horror here.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 23 out of 32
  2. Negative: 4 out of 32
  1. MikaM.
    Aug 17, 2004
    People say that this is a let-down to all the SH-fans, but I beg to differ. This game is amazing in just about every aspect. The only thing that's not great are the sound effects, which will become quite repetitive after a while. I would've given it a 8, but the extra 2 points are given because team Silent had the guts to do such a different game. Expand
  2. MarkL.
    Jul 30, 2004
    This game is really cool! I have played it about 4 times!
  3. Jan 27, 2012
    People bashing The Room love to mention it wasn't even meant to be a SH and make it sound like the name was just slapped onto it last minute in order to raise sales. This is not true and I don't even see their point as with or without the name, this shares a lot of what is great in the series, so in spirit, it's a Silent Hill game no matter what it's called. Another popular complaint is about ghosts chasing you around everywhere. This is also not true. They aren't ghosts to begin with and they also can only appear in certain areas. You don't have to like the idea of undefeatable enemies preventing you from lingering in a location for too long, but they are NOT everywhere, not even close. People also frown upon having to visit the dreamworlds (levels, if you like) a second time, but I don't see the problem there, either. Survival horror games always made you run to and fro a location, what's the big difference now just because you go somewhere else in the meantime? The second time, the levels will have changed a little as well. Enough addressing popular attacks towards the game, what do I personally think about it? Overall, I really love it. Graphics on PS2 are pretty good, though slightly worse than SH3 with the characters. On PC, sadly, the graphics look kind of pale and blurry in a lot of places. Sound is top notch as usual for this series. Combat is very interesting. Enemies behave differently and must be approached differently and some weapons are suited better for certain situations than others. The limited inventory gained a lot of hatred, but given the context of the game, namely making you return to the apartment regularly, it makes sense. I had no problem with it being limited, but I think it shouldn't have been â Expand
  4. JeffR.
    Sep 16, 2004
    It baffles me that Konami still cannot find even moderately decent voice talent for one of its A-list titles. the voice acting for every silent hill game has been wretched, and this one follows suit. i'm sorry, but that totally pulls me out of the creepy movie vibe and hurts the overall experience - with these crazy stories you NEED to be convinced. Expand
  5. Sep 26, 2013
    I will give SH4 credit for trying to do something new, and yet, they still manage to get it following the same tired formula again, except this time in segments or "levels."

    What works with SH4 is the premise and everything new they try to do. eg the first person perspective view of the apartment that slowly warps the more into the game you get. The room really does make you feel like you are trapped in your own mind while your are slowly slipping into insanity.

    Where this game fails are the sections outside of the room. They feel and look exactly like they were cut outs from the previous games. Recycled ideas, just using a new protagonist. The sections/levels that you can travel to feel small and restrictive, kind of disrupting the atmosphere the try to create. Each area does fit to the narrative, just a shame they couldn't have made the transition more seamless.

    Silent Hill 4: The Room doesn't really feel like a Silent Hill game, most of the time. A real shame that the developers didn't show more innovation by pushing more new ideas. SH4 is entertaining and enjoyable, but it also feels a little stale and disjointed most of the time. A pity as it did have potential to be more than it is.
  6. Mar 23, 2011
    I must say overall liked it.Why?Because they tried out something new and I saw that they tried.I think the best advice I can give to anybody is not to regard it as a silent hill game.It's much different and if you take it as it's own game it's much better to enjoy.The story was interesting even had some comparison to silent hill 2.I liked about the gameplay was that it had a first-person and third-person mode and the idea that you go though portals to change it was awesome.But the game also has flaws.I find the most retarded thing in this game the second half.Where you needed to go through all of the levels you just went through in the first half... ou and also you wont be going alone,there will accompany you your next door neighbour who's slower than you and makes the game overall annoying,because you need to take very good care of her if you want the good ending.I found some of the enemies not scary.Especially the ghosts who were just overall annoying,because killing them is vay to much trouble and they drain your health by just looking at them.But the most annoying has to be Walter,who is like pyramid head from silent hill 2.He's an interesting character and all but he just isn't scary and the AI that was made for him makes him a retard.But though these flaws I still liked it and i give credit that they tried out something new.If your a silent hill fan try it out but don't expect it to be as the same or even better than the previous
  7. PalliN.
    Nov 15, 2004
    How the hell people keep saying that this is the best of the series and giving it 10 points? Are they totally blind? This is just repetitive crap with very lazy and boring leveldesign and overall design. Scary? Hell not! More like tiring! Open your eyes, don't go for the "IT'S SILENT HILL, IT HAS TO BE GOOD!!1". This is not Silent Hill, this is probably just abandoned leftovers from previous SH Games. Get your act together Konami, no more this kinda of flops. Zero pointer. Expand

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